Food to Make Fingernails Stronger

Food to Make Fingernails Stronger

Nails are keratin cells that get hardened and have out grown from the nail root. Nail roots in turn consist of blood vessels and nerves that supplies nutrients to the nails and thus make them strong, smooth and healthy. If you are taking diets that are rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals then you will have a healthy and strong nails too.

Foods that is good for Nails


As nails are made up of keratin which is a protein, you can improve your the health of your nail by taking foods that are rich in proteins. To get protein you can take chicken breast that are skin less, lean meat, low fat diary products like yogurt, skim milk, eggs, nuts, root vegetables, cucumbers, brown rice etc.

Omega 3 fatty acid

Omega 3 fatty acids help you to shine your nails and hairs. In order to get more omega 3 fatty acid you need to include foods like flaxseed, fish and fish oil pills.


Biotin is otherwise called vitamin H and its deficiency is a rare phenomenon. But if you can add biotin supplements to your diet then it is found to improve your nail health.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is another essential vitamin required for the proper growth of the finger nails. Vitamin E is seen in avocadoes, sweet potatoes, olive oil, almonds, lettuce etc.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is ideal for improving the health of the nails and thus making them strong. Recommended dose of 3 mg of vitamin C per day is ideal for strong nails. Citrus fruits, kiwi fruit, guava, raspberry, broccoli, tomato etc. are rich in vitamin C.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A also plays an important role in making the nails strong. Vitamin A may also protect the nails from brittleness. Vitamin A in turn makes the nails thick and strong. A daily dosage of 1000 mg of vitamin A everyday will help you to maintain your nail health. Vitamin A rich foods include milk, liver, mangoes, carrots, spinach, egg yolk etc.

Include these foods in your daily diet and make your nails strong and healthy.

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