For A Dazzling Hair

Do you desire to have a shining, dazzling hair, as the ones you see in advertisements?Each individual has a different type of hair, and thus to have a healthy, stunning hair, you need to treat your hair, keeping in mind its nature.

For dry hair

Apply warm olive oil into the roots of your hair, and massage for 5-10mins. Take a thick towel, dip it in hot water, and squeeze out the water. Put it around your head as a turban. Once the heating effect gets diminished, remove it. Repeat it at least 3 more times. After 30-45mins, wash off using a herbal shampoo.

Take a handful of fuller’s earth, and mix it with one cup of water, until it gets reduced to a paste form. Add 2 tbsp of warm coconut oil to it. Apply this pack to your hair. Wash of with plenty of cold water, before it gets dried up. It removes the dryness of your hair, and gives it a cool feeling.

For oily hair

Add one handful of fuller’s earth, to a cup of warm water, and mix well to form a paste. Add the juice of one lemon to it.mix well and apply evenly all over your hair. Wash off before it gets dried using a herbal shampoo.

Greying of hair

Here’s a natural dye to cover up your white hair strands. Take a teaspoonful of each- mehndi powder, dried fenugreek powder, and tea powder. Mix them well and add a cup of hot water to it. Add the juice of a lemon, and 1/4th spoon salt to it.

These ingredients need to be mixed in an iron container and must be kept for at least 5hrs before applying. Apply it generously all over your hair. Wash off after 2hrs, using a herbal shampoo. This needs to be repeated every week.

With these tips you can own a spectacular dazzling hair .

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