Forbidden Foods

Imagine having to stay away from food altogether. Not being able to feast on your favorites, not having the chance to give in to the occasional cravings. Is such a life even worth leading? All forms of food have a place in our lives, but the right way to eat each of them is crucial. Not only to maintain the figure and help lose weight, but also to lead a more productive, healthy life.

One of the main reasons for us not being able to stick to diets, or organized eating is because we often do not give our body enough. The common myth that dieting means forgoing food is large. Eating enough of the right foods is the right fir to better eating.

Carbohydrates that contain amounts of starch are important for the body. Not just for providing energy, but also to help fill the stomach better. They are more filling, and hence the tendency to get hungry faster is lowered considerably. The right way to choose these carbohydrates is to opt for wholegrain varieties that have significant amounts of fibre in them, and are less processed.

Foods that have large water contents are also great substitutes. Not only are these giving the body benefits of hydration that permeates to the organs, the skin and every cell, but it also fills the stomach with virtually fat-free foods. The only care to seek here is that they have little or no cream and butter content. These will only get food laden with fat.

Stay clear of all processed foods and meats. Not only are the proportions of fat a whole lot less, but these varieties also have a lot less salt. This will help keep blood pressure and cholesterol in check too.

Stock up soaked beans, lentils and pulses as these are great energizers and boosters for the body. Add them to your food to give you a wholesome, filling meal that will not leave you asking for more in a hurry.

Keep your eyes open for interesting foods. There is a way to make almost all foods interesting and more enjoyable with the addition of a few variants. Take more interest in what and how you eat and you will find a whole new perspective to health.

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