Get free from Chapped Lips

Firstly you need to know the causes and symptoms of chapped lips as once resolved you need to take care of these things to avoid the chapped lips affecting the beauty of your face again.
So starting with causes, one of the main reason of chapped lips is as we know the dryness. Usually the cold weather is the main factor of dryness which will affect your face as the face is usually not hidden with any extra garments. Sometimes even over exposure to sun can lead to dryness of your face.

One more cause of the dryness can also be the cheap quality of cosmetics being used on the lips which takes away moisture from your skin. So you need to take care of these things when you really want to avoid the problems happening due to dryness.

Coming to the symptoms, the basic symptom can be bleeding lips, dried or rough lips, loss of moisture from the lips, licking of the lips. Though these things can be solved by some simple ways which you can treat in your own way at your own time.

Just remember one thing that there is no particular time to take care about your body. So even if you are on busy schedules and hectic days just a few minutes of time after your body will give you a clean personality. Lips are the most attractive organ of your face so you need to take care of it.

Firstly I would recommend is applying ghee on the lips as and when you get time. Only for repeating this remedy for 4 times you will see the result. Not even two days and your chapped lips will be solved.

The second solution can be drinking lots of water. Water intake reduces the dryness of your body and returns the moisture due to which you will be able to avoid the dryness factor for lifetime.

Adequate water intake is the solution for lifetime. So better you get a habit of drinking water atleast 10 glasses per day. That will really help in making you fit also according to your age. It also helps in reducing aging.

You can also apply milk or pure cream on the lips to reduce the effects of chapped lips as well as to cool your pain. Even rubbing cucumber on your affected lips will assure the thing to be solved. You can also make a paste of honey and glycerin if it is easily available.

Apply this paste on your lips and keep in overnight. Do it for three nights and the problem will be solved. Try these remedies and you are sure to not waste time with better results.

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