Glorious Garlic

Of all the flavours that are given out from foods, there is one flavour that is most common. That is the flavour of garlic. Used across the world, garlic and found a place in almost every home.

Volumes can be said about garlic. Of the six different tastes, it contains five – sweet, salt, bitter, astringent and pungent. The sour element is the only one missing from garlic. The pungent flavour is the one that is the strongest.

Garlic is hot in action. It subsides the air and water elements. Garlic is a rejuvinator, increasing vim, vigour and vitality. It is a stimulant and digestive, and removes constipation. It brings clear menses, and is very good for gases, anorexia, and disorders of the nervous system.

Cloves of garlic boiled in water help heal wounds. This is an old method that was used very commonly in curing at a time when antiseptics were not in use.

Garlic can be used in tempering, as an additive to main courses, while cooking lentils and pulses and even in pickles and chutneys. Garlic agrees with patients suffering from high blood pressure and gastric trouble, and especially with those who have high diastolic pressure. Garlic, though, should be used fresh.

Garlic helps dissolve phlegm, liquefies it and helps bring it out. It helps increase the circulation of blood. It is used in the disorders of facial paralysis, sciatica, paraplegia, rheumatic pain and backache. It can also keep away indigestion, gastro-enteritis and cholera.

Garlic when used timely can also help cure tuberculosis. It agrees with heart patients. When oil containing garlic is heated, cooled and filtered, it can help cure chronic diseases of the ear. Garlic is very good for the mucus, and for aged people. Treatment with garlic after fractures has been found to be very beneficial.

Garlic, though, does not agree with infants, young children, pregnant women, skin disorders and gout.

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