Good Skin-The CTM Way

Taking care of the skin is not a reactive measure that entails caring for acne, pimples, or blemishes once they have broken out. It is more of a ritual that needs to be carried out regularly. This will then ensure that you are not commonly faced with any awkward spots that bother. Taking proactive care of the skin is important for its proper care.

The most common daily skin care routine is CTM – or commonly cleansing, toning and moisturising.

Cleansing essentially means cleaning out the skin to remove any superficial dirt or foreign substances from the skin. During the day, the skin picks up dirt, dust and sweat, all of which leave residues on the skin. As the day progresses, these residues stick to the skin, and do not give it space to breathe freely. Cleansing allows these products to be removed from the skin and set it free. Cleansers are commonly used. Those who prefer natural remedies may also use cold milk or fruit and vegetable juices on the face to cleanse it out.

Toning, like the name suggests, gives the skin more character. It helps revitalise the skin, stimulating it and works it up better. Toners are easily available and should be used with clean sotton on the face.

Moisturising is important, since the processes of cleansing and toning could make the skin dry. Moisturising helps hydrate open pores and keep them from getting dry. Moisturisers also help make the skin more supple. Use a moisturiser that suits your type of skin. Nautral moisutirsers like fresh cream are also useful.

A proper skin care regimen means younger, glowing skin always. A party or function is not the only reason to look good. Make it a habit with simple care.

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