Green tea

A recent research has uncovered that the most favored drink after water is green tea. Green tea is extracted from the plant Camellia sinensis which also gives the other two types of tea, namely, oolong tea and black tea. Even though taken from the same plant, the three teas are different in their nutritional qualities due to the way they are processed.Green tea is known to be rich in antioxidants, which gives it excellent medical properties. Green tea is said to be the reason why Asians have a low rate of cancer and heart disease. It is also said to help fight tooth decay and arthritis.

As per the Complete Guide, green tea helps in lowering the blood cholesterol level and improves circulation. Though it is appreciated for its numerous benefits, it is also true that green tea is rich in caffeine. Caffeine “improves concentration and boosts alertness” but it is also well-known that caffeine can lead to insomnia.

Fluoride, which is present in green tea, is the reason that teeth become hard and become resistant to decay. Women undergoing menopause are known to get the extra nourishment from daily consumption of tea.

The best way to concoct green tea is as follows. Water should be first boiled and then allowed to cool off a little. This cooled water is then poured over the tea leaves and steeped for 2 – 3 minutes. This is the general method of making green tea, if tea bags are being used, the directions which are given by the manufacturer should be followed (The Complete Guide to Natural Healing).

Many new researchers are now saying that green tea can also be used as a dietary supplement. This is due to the cholesterol-leveling property of green tea. But it is also being said by researchers that green tea can be used as a supplement only and should be accompanied by other nutritional food in order to lose weight.

An often asked question related to green tea, is how many cups of tea can be consumed per day. Most researchers believe that three cups per day is the healthy number, while many others have cited close to five cups. The dosage of green tea is a widely argued subject.

Another advantage for the consumers of Green tea is the apparent absence of any negative impacts. The only side-effect that has been observed is insomnia.

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