Hair Beauty Tips

Almost all cultures across the globe recognize shiny, smooth, long lustrous locks as an indispensable part of a woman’s beauty.  No wonder the beauty industry is brimming with hair-care products making lofty promises. They manage to entrap women into spending their or their partner’s hard earned money only to get disheartened.

It is time you understood that beautiful hair is a result of good hygiene, excellent dietary habits, exercise, stress management and lastly, the use of right products.Beauty can never be bought in a bottle. It is a result of self discipline and hard work. Make sure that you are using a shampoo suitable for your hair type and hair condition.

For instance, do not use a creamy shampoo if you are struggling with excess grease and oiliness. On the other hand, don’t use oil stripping shampoo if you have dry and fizzy hair; no matter how beautiful the bottle of shampoo looks.

Using the right conditioner is equally important. And the good news is that the best conditioners can be obtained from your kitchen shelf. For dry and fizzy hair, take a few drops of honey and wheat germ essential oil. Add them to your last rinse.

In case you have oily hair, you can take a cup of orange juice and add to a mug of water for using as a last rinse. You can also use the juice of one whole lemon in place of the orange juice. This would add shine and bounce while taking care of the oiliness.

You can also make a hair pack with ritha, shikakai and orange peel powder. Mix them in yogurt if you hair is dry and in orange juice if it is oily. Keep it applied for about half an hour and then wash off with a mild shampoo followed by a conditioner.

Proper oiling is also very important to keep your hair nourished and looking bouncy. Use warm coconut or sesame oil if your hair is dry. In case it is oily it would be best to apply the oil only to the ends of the hair. This would take care of the fizz in oily hair without making the scalp oily.

Follow these instructions and you would be the new Rapunzel!

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