Hand Mouth and Foot Disease

Hand mouth and foot disease is a viral diseases that effects kids between the age of two to six. It may affect infants also. This disease is more common during months of summer and after monsoon. This is a contagious disease that may spread through sneezing and coughing. It may also spread through faecal matter. This is more contagious before the symptoms appear and it has an incubation period of three days to seven days. Hand foot and mouth disease is caused by virus called coxsackle virus A 16 which belongs to family of Enterovirus.

Hand Disease

Symptoms of Hand Mouth and Foot Disease

This disease may start with a fever of about 101 to 102 degree F and the child may become fussy. Kids will have less appetite and have headache during this period. With in two days of fever small and painful sores begins to appear on the mouth, on the cheek, tongue, gums etc. Then appears the skin rashes and it may get restricted to the soles of the feet, fingers and hands.

The sores may start as red spots having a diameter of 2 to 3 mm and then it may turn in to blisters in later stage. Some kids may also develop sore throat and most of the kids refuse to swallow food and water. Hence you must be very careful to avoid dehydration. This may go off after seven or ten days.


Cares of Hand Mouth and Foot Disease

Even though this disease may take 7 to 10 days to subside you can help your child to calm down and thus ease his discomfort. In order to avoid dehydration you need to give them liquids and for this try cold milk shakes which are easy to swallow. Even cold curds will work. Distract your baby if is he is trying to pop the blisters as it may leads to other infections. Always wash your hands to avoid the spreading of virus.

Cold Milk Shake

If possible make your kid to rinse his mouth with warm salt water and this may help them to sooth the ulcers present with in the mouth. Try to avoid acidic juices and sodas as it may causes burning sensation with in the mouth. As per your physician’s recommendation you can offer antipyretic and pain killers to your kid.

Salt Water