Health Benefits of Biotin

Biotin is a member of the vitamin B family. Also known as vitamin B7, this water-soluble vitamin is an essential nutrient needed for healthy living.

Health benefits of biotin

Prevents hair loss

Biotin plays an important role in promoting hair growth. It is therefore also known as vitamin H. To arrest hair fall, biotin is often added to hair products. Biotin could also prevent loss of eyebrows and eyelashes. This B vitamin is often recommended for treating alopecia. For strong and healthy hair, you should include adequate amount of biotin in your regular diet. Researchers believe that adequate intake of biotin could prevent premature graying of hair.

Treats skin disease

Biotin is an essential nutrient for the skin. It can prevent the skin from becoming dry and flaky. Skin diseases such as seborrheic dermatitis or cradle cap and eczema could be treated with biotin.

Essential nutrient for diabetics

Intake of biotin could help to lower the sugar level in the blood. This B vitamin is therefore beneficial for people suffering from type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Biotin consumption could prevent neuropathy. Numbness and tingling sensation of the feet, associated with diabetic neuropathy, could be treated with biotin.

Produces energy

Like other B vitamins, biotin is also associated with energy production. It helps in the carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism.

Sources of biotin

The bacteria present in the human intestine usually produce adequate amount of biotin capable of meeting most of our health needs. You can also consume foods containing this essential vitamin to replenish the biotin reserve in the body. Like all water-soluble vitamins, biotin could not be retained in the body for a long time.

Recommended biotin dose

Infants need around 5 to 6 micrograms of biotin per day. Children between 1 to 3 years of age need at least 8 micro grams of biotin everyday. Tweens and teens need around 12 to 25 micrograms of biotin daily. Adults need at least 30 micrograms of biotin everyday.

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