Health Benefits Of Heliotherapy

Heliotherapy entails use of sun’s ultraviolet waves to stimulate the production of vitamins and essential nutrients in skin and body.

Increased production of vitamin D in body results in elevated rate of metabolism which further assists body in increasing reaction rate of multiple enzymes, restoration of tissues, cells rejuvenation together with increased pace of blood flow and an improved oxygen supply.

Frequent use of heliotherapy significantly reduces chances of osteoporosis, prostate & breast cancer, psoriasis and additional skin diseases. It is recommended to practice heliotherapy in small sessions to avert the sunburn.

Natural Antibiotic – Heliotherapy done in early morning or prior to 9:00 A.M. for at least 20 minutes props up wound healing and assists in elimination of harmful microbes from skin. Heliotherapy is much valuable in reducing pain occurred due to neuralgia or arthritis.

Stress Reliever – Heliotherapy is one of the most adapted therapeutic techniques to get rid of stress, anxiety and hypertension. The beneficial ultra violet ray of sun relaxes the tensed nerves and promotes mood stability. It is recommended for persons with symptoms of stress or hypertension to perform heliotherapy in morning before 9:00 AM. Mid-day heliotherapy should be avoided to avert tanning of skin.

Enhanced Immune System – Heliotherapy stimulates the production of drug metabolizing enzymes in liver which strengthens the internal defense system of body to act against various toxins, bacteria and viral infections. Heliotherapy also increases pace of detoxification process by stimulating the sweating.

Morning rays of sun trim down the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides by almost 35%. To avert sunburns, a good natural sunscreen lotion should be applied prior to heliotherapy. Heliotherapy is also known to prevent deficiency of gamma globulin in body. Gamma globulins boost immune system and provide antibodies with extra strength to fight with severe infections like hepatitis A, measles etc.

Muscular Strength – Heliotherapy is source of one of the best natural vitamin D supplements that an individual can get. Daily practice of heliotherapy for a minimum of 15 minutes restores levels of vitamin D in body.

Vitamin D enhances the absorption of calcium from food which further leads to increased bone strength. Heliotherapy also excites the production of RBC’s, elevating the content of oxygen in blood which results in strengthening of muscles.

  • smilinggreenmom

    This sounds amazing! Wow…I wish I knew where to find this- although it would probably cost way more that I have for something like this! Our family has really become more health conscious and we have started using more natural products (I love Topricin natural pain cream) and we read ingredients and avoid processed foods. Something like this sounds great for women especially and osteoporosis. Thanks! I will look into it.