Health Benefits of Yarrow

Health Benefits of Yarrow

Yarrow is botanically known as Achillea millefolium and is also called carpenter’s weed, nosebleed, bloodwort, noble yarrow etc. The flower tops and leaves are widely used for various medicinal purposes. The infusion made out of yarrow is also used for treating many diseases. Similarly oil is extracted from the dried play through steam distillation and it plays a major role in curing many diseases. The major components in essential oil are cineole, alpha pinene, borneol, camphor, limonene, tricyclene, camphene etc.

Health Benefits of Yarrow

Prevents Rheumatoid Arthritis

Yarrow is found to improve the blood circulation of the body. Thus it will oxygenate the entire body very well and remove the unwanted waste materials like uric acid from the joints and the muscles. More than that yarrow being a diaphoretic and diuretic may help you to remove the toxins from the body through perspiration and urine accordingly. This will prevent the rheumatic or arthritic problems.

Prevents Inflammation

Yarrow plant has anti inflammatory property especially the essential oil of yarrow. Inflammation in the digestive tract due to diarrhea, gastritis, gastrointestinal inflammations and stomach ulcers can be cured with the help of this oil. Inflammation in the circulatory system due to some toxins, inflammation in respiratory system etc can also be cured. Hence it is a good remedy for common cold, flu and cough.

Prevents Hemorrhage

Being a very good astringent it can contract the blood vessels and can thus prevents hemorrhage or reduces the bleeding. It also regulates high blood pressure. This property makes it useful for controlling heavy menstruation and intestinal bleeding.

Prevents Aging

It helps to tighten the loose skin and muscles and makes you younger. If the oil is applied on the hair it will strengthen the follicles of hair and thus prevents the hair fall. It also helps you to remove the bruises, cuts, ulcers, wounds, eczema and burns on the skin and makes your skin looks good.

Prevents Indigestion

Yarrow is found to improve the digestion and thus helps you to absorb more nutrients from the food you have taken. It also controls the flatulence and improves your appetite.

However use of yarrow has to avoided during pregnancy as it stimulates uterine contraction.

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