6 Herbal Remedies For Epilepsy


Epilepsy is a common neurological disorder that may be caused due to unusual movement produced by neuron and nerve cells in the brain. It may be caused due to several problems including strokes, brain injuries, brain tumor, and dementia. The symptoms of the disease varies from one person to another.


Epilepsy seizure commonly occurs between the age of 5-20 years. There are many medications to prevent this problem. Following are few herbs that may help to reduce epilepsy disorder.

Herbal Remedies to Cures Epilepsy

Valerian Root

Valerian is a natural herb that may used for treating various health-related problem including epilepsy. It is native to Europe and Asia and has contains medicinal properties. Valerian herb has active compounds that may helps to calm the nervous system of the body. Valerian can be taken in different form such as liquid extracts, capsules or tablets. The supplements of valerian may provide anticonvulsive benefits if taken 120 mg, 2-3 times a day. It also beneficial to alleviates the consistency of seizures in patients with epilepsy. It is recommended to ask your doctor before taking valerian supplements as it may cause various problem including headache, blurred vision, and drowsiness.

valerian root


The herb is well known for its ability to improve the memory and cognitive functioning of the body. It is considered a brain tonic. It has other names like Herpestis monniera, acopa monnieri, water hyssop, and Brahmi. The extract of Bacopa leaf contains anti-epileptic properties that work effectively to treat the disorder.

It further raises the level of serotonin and gamma-aminobutyric acid, which are the significant chemicals of human brain, thereby, eliminating calcium channel available in interneurons or pyramidal that may cause epileptic seizures. The bacopa herb also plays a significant role of neuro-protecting, associated with saponin compounds. In addition, it also consist of antioxidant and anti-depressant properties that may prove beneficial to support brain against harmful radicals. Consult your physician to know about the exact dosage of bacopa.


Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is another herbal remedy to treat nervous disorder including epilepsy. The herb belongs to the plant of parsley family and commonly used as traditional medication in China. It is also considered a great tonic for brain that may helps to enhance the brain memory and preserve hippocampus cells, which is the main area of the brain liable for memory both short-term or long-term.

Moreover, it has shown positive effect while treating epilepsy, syphilis, rheumatism, and mental illness in past. The gota kola herb may rejuvenate nervine urged for nerve disorder. It is available in capsules or powder form in almost every medical store. You can also drink tea prepared from the dried leaves of Gota Kola.

gota kola

American Skullcap

American Skullcap, also known as Scutellaria lateriflora, is often used to treat various health disorder such as epilepsy, anxiety, chorea, and insomnia. It is a perennial herb that is native to Northern America and used as effective tonic for nervous system . The leaves of the herb contains various medicinal properties and the ethereal parts of skullcap contains flavonoids, amino acids, essential oil, and terpenoids.

It also has antioxidant, sedative and anticonvulsant agent that may used to cure nervous tension related to epilepsy. Skullcap is available in various forms such as liquid extracts, powder, capsule or tablet. Also, you can consume skullcap tea on a regular basis for best result. Prepare the tea by adding 1 teaspoon of dried leaves in a cup of hot water and steep for 10-12 minutes.


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Kava (Piper methysticum) is native to South Pacific island and also used in different beverages to promote mental relaxation and memory. The standard dose of herb proves to be beneficial to eliminate several symptoms linked with anxiety. It is a natural remedy and non-addictive in nature and helps to enhance the focus and alertness of the mind.

It contains anticonvulsive properties that may decrease the level of seizures. Kava can be taken in different forms such as tea, powder or liquid extract. You can simply add kava powder in water, milk or fruit juice before drinking it. People suffering from regular seizures can take this herb on a daily basis.


Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a miraculous herb and has number of chemical compounds that may used to treat different health condition including epilepsy. The herb is native to northern Africa and contains various medicinal properties including ameliorative effect that may help to fight against epilepsy disorder. Aloe vera has the ability to regenerate brain cells and works as an energizer to reduce epilepsy disease. Aloe vera gel is available in every medical or departmental store. Daily consumption of 4 ounces of aloe vera nectar would be beneficial to prevent epilepsy.

aloe vera