7 Herbal Remedies For Panic Attacks


Panic attacks can be classified under anxiety disorders that cause a feeling of intense fear in a person. The severity of attacks may vary from a few minutes to even hours.

panic attack

The attacks may begin suddenly and sometimes enhance in their levels for a longer duration. Herbs have been identified as the best remedies to fight anxiety and panic attacks. They are easy to consume and work efficiently by relaxing down our nerves. Checkout the following amazing herbal remedies to fight panic attacks.

Herbal Remedies to Fight Panic Attacks

Passion flower

For someone who often suffers from recurrent panic attacks, this herb which is also sometimes referred to as Passion flower is a great remedy as its anti-depressant properties have been scientifically proven and acknowledged for their effectiveness in providing relief from panic attacks. A unique chemical substance which is a major component of this Passion flower not only acts as a sedative and a relaxant but also as an anti-spasmodic.

passion flower

Valerian root

If the panic attacks often hit you hard during the nights, then Valerian Root is an excellent herbal remedy for you. It efficiently puts a halt to the effects of a panic attack within a maximum of fifteen minutes. During panic, this herb instigates the secretion of GABA inside the patient’s brain and subsequently the panic attack comes to a stop within 10 to 15 minutes. A neurotransmitter, GABA removes any sensation of fear that might be there in the brain. The secretion of GABA is triggered by Valerian root which is how it helps a patient recover from a panic attack. Apart from providing substantial relief from the panic attacks, Valerian root is also effective in loosening the stiff nerves and muscles that tense up when overcome by anxiety.

panic attack


Even though peppermint often comes across as one of the most commonly used flavoring agents which is often used for getting rid of foul breath, it has proved its usefulness in many other health related arenas as well. In fact when it comes to panic attacks, Peppermint is one of the foremost natural herbs that exhibit amazing efficiency in providing instant relief. It also acts as a reliever when it comes to depression and a reduced mental focus. One of the best traits of Peppermint is its strong and unavoidable aroma. In fact it is this aroma which controls panic attacks as mind’s focus instantly shifts to this aroma instead of the fear that had previously captured mind’s attention. If you often suffer from severe headaches caused by extreme anxiety and tension, then peppermint is your best solution.



Panic attacks are often the result of decreased levels of GABA in brain and an increased amount of stress. Hops acts as a powerful herbal remedy for such panic attacks as it instantly infuses a feeling of sleepiness once it’s consumed. The reason behind it making the patient feel sleepy is its strong sedative ingredients. The feeling of sleepiness helps the patient get distracted from the feelings of anxiety, fear and restlessness that are the prime results of a panic attack. Upon its consumption, it immediately induces sleep resulting in an increase in the levels of GABA inside brain and decrease in amount of stress. This is how Hops acts as a wonderful remedy during a nasty panic attack.


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Another excellent cure for panic attacks, thyme is effective in getting rid of all prime effects of a panic attack right from restlessness and anxiety to fear. Its anti-septic properties help it in not only healing the external wounds but also loosening the stiffness that generates internally. Curing the effects of a panic attack within minutes of application, Thyme’s oil is highly effective and is strongly recommended to anyone who wants an immediate relief from restlessness induced by panic attacks.


Licorice Root

A natural and effective alternative to hydrocortisone, Licorice root acts just like the natural corticosteroids inside the body. Just like any other tonic, it instantly triggers the production of specific chemicals inside the body that provide relief from extreme anxiety and stress which often crop up during a panic attack. It has scientifically proven anti-inflammatory properties and can be used in form of powder, tincture or tea but such use is only limited to small or moderate quantities and for small periods of time. Sadly, this natural herb cannot be used by heart and kidney patients and those suffering from diabetes.



Lavender is a fantastic herbal remedy to fight panic attacks. It efficiently soothes the nervous system and relaxes your brain cells. The best part is, Lavender can be consumed in different forms. The Lavender tea is commonly served in hilly regions and is the easiest form of Lavender herb to consume. Panic attacks are often supported by headaches, high blood pressure, sleeplessness and anxiety. Lavender helps to get rid of all. However, the herb is not recommended for the ones suffering from skin allergies.