Herbs To Increase Milk Supply

Reduced quantity of milk in young breastfeeding mothers is a very common problem due to the inadequate consumption of healthy foods and sometimes, lack of awareness or knowledge are the root causes for augmentation of this problem. 

Given below are a number of effectual and trusted herbal remedies to boost the production of milk in breastfeeding mothers.

Pimpinella Anisumi – this herb is classified in categories of aromatic herbs. Since old ages, this herb had been used by the young mothers to augment the milk production in their bodies.

Cnicus Benedictus – Since 16th century, this herb is used to treat several diseases and disorders related to hormones. For optimum results, this herb should be taken in combination of fenugreek seeds. Regular consumption of herbal teas and tinctures prepared with this herb during the period of pregnancy endows with enhanced hormonal balances in females and prevents child from certain birth defects.

Borago Officinalis – This is also a great herbal remedy to boost the production of milk in breastfeeding mothers. Routine intake of this herb results in creamier milk. It is also advised by naturopathists to treat premenstrual syndrome and fibrocystic breasts in breastfeeding mothers. Although, the benefits of this herb are much valuable in enhancing amount of milk production but due to some controversies on its after effects, it is recommended to consult a naturopathist prior to setting a dosage of this herb.

Dandelion – Dandelion leaves are widely acknowledged due to their lactogenic properties. Daily consumption of this herb in forms of teas and tinctures prepared with its fresh leaves paces up the production of milk, especially in condition of postpartum edema. This herb can not only be used to boost milk quantity but it can also be used to control glaucoma levels in breastfeeding mothers. Also, dandelion leaves can be taken in raw salad or used to garnish dishes.

Milk Thistle – Milk thistle also known as blessed milk thistle is known for its exceptional medicinal properties. Since early European times, this herb is used to treat several diseases related to liver and gall bladder. The fresh leaves of this particular herb are used in salads in absence of spinach. An herbal tea or tincture prepared with this herb should be consumed several times during a day by breastfeeding mothers to boost the nutritional value and quantity of milk.

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