Home Cures for Scabies

Among most ailments that can be cured at home. the ones that affect the skin are most effective. Since skin problems take the longest to cure, and have the highest chance of recurring frequently, it may be required to take medicines and apply ointments for long. This does not have the best effect on the body. Home remedies not only relieve and cure better, but also save the body from numerous side effects.

Scabies is an infectious skin disease. The main way that it is caught is by transmission from one infected person to another, Scavies can also be caught from mites, and therefore, animals like dogs, cats, cows and even horses make carriers.

The main symptom of scabies is the itching sensation that is produced, which is most severe at night. Scabies can be seen on the hands, wrists, elbows, lower abdomen, folds of the breast, thighs, and buttocks. In men, it is also visible on the penis and scrotum. It can also occur in the joints of the fingers. Infections can also take the form of pustules and crusts.

The best way to cure scabies is to keep the area cool and free from itching. Use a light cold cream or cold milk to dab on the affected portions and keep them from itching.

Fresh turmeric that is ground along with fresh leaves of neem can also help make a good cure. Apply every two hours on the affected portions to relieve and also prevent infections from spreading over the body.

Make sure that clothes are washed and disinfected regularly, and take special care to wash undergarments. Watch for infections in pets and other animals in the vicinty, keep them away for some time till the infection has subsided.

Use rose water to cool any parts of the infected area that feel heavy and hot from the itching lesions. Rose water helps cool the skin down well.

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