Home Remedies for Ring Worm

Home remedies for Ring Worm

Ring worm infection is a contagious infection which is commonly seen in kids. The disease starts as a red patch with raised borders and then expands continuously. Ring worm infection appears on the body, scalp and feet and also on the nails. It may spread from one person to the other through contacts and through the sharing of the accessories.

Remedies for Ring Worm

1.    Take fresh raw papaya and cut them and rub the cut slice on the infected area. This will help you to get rid of the infection.

2.    Cut a lime in to half and dip the cut end on salt and rub the affected area with this lime and salt. Then wash the infected area with clean water.

3.    Make a paste with mustard seeds and water. Wash the infected area thoroughly with warm water and apply the paste on the infected area.

4.    Make a paste with the cassia leaves or take juice from the cassia leaves and then apply it on the ringworm infected area. This will help you to get rid of the pain and the swelling of the infected area and also helps you to reduce the irritations of the skin.

5.    Juice taken from the raw turmeric can be applied on the affected area or consume one tablespoon of turmeric juice mixed with one tablespoon of honey daily. This will help you to avoid the infection.

6.    The juice of holy basil leaves are found to be an effective medicine for treating ring worm infection.

7.    Vegetable juices if taken from raw vegetable are also a good remedy for the infection. Carrot juice along with spinach juice has magical powers in treating the infection.

8.    The effected person has to empty his bowel with a warm water enema. He has to bath twice daily and has to rub the affected parts energetically before bathing. Good aeration is also necessary for such infections.

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