Home Remedies For Some Common Problems

home remedies for common problems

home remedies for common problemsHome remedies always remain ever loved in preliminary prevention of certain health hazards and diseases as well as obstructing some of the very serious health concerns. In spite of availability of numerous medicines and treatments, majority of the people prefer to start off initially with natural remedies.

The reason for this immense popularity of home cure is that the ingredients used are all readily available and can be found either in your kitchen, vegetable or fruits basket of your refrigerator or, on your dressing table.

There are innumerable benefits of natural cures. They are the most economical way to treat an ailment. But at the same time they are also immensely effective. Another benefit of natural remedies is that this is a treatment that is devoid of any side effects, which are mostly prevalent in a majority of Allopathic medicines. These natural remedies are not at all habit-forming, so an adoption of any of these products is free from such fears.

Cuts, bruises and wounds

This is a daily occurrence among the children. They would either return from play grounds or schools with bloody bruises or cuts. It’s not only children, but adults also cut themselves while carrying out their regular chores. Women often cut themselves while handling kitchen tools like scrappers, knives or peelers.


In order to stop the flow of blood from these wounds, an immediate ice pack will work magic. If cuts and bruises are associated with swelling and burning sensation, dab some generous quantity of honey to lessen the swelling and irritation. Ice pack also works best if the wound is due to sudden fall, which might have also caused mild twisting of a body part, such as the wrists, limbs or knees.

In order to prevent infection on exposed skin that is subjected to dust and soil, wash it off with running water and apply a paste of turmeric. The anti septic properties of turmeric work magic in many of these cases.
A paste of sandalwood will also relieve the pain associated with the wound and the cut.

Various types of pain

Pain is a part and parcel of our daily life. It is either due to sudden hurt, or twist of any kind, or chronic rheumatoid or back pain due to excessive physical work load. Too much of strenuous exercise or long hours of walking can also lead to pain in various parts of the body. Some of the sure shot home remedies are often adhered to, in order to get rid of such pains.


In case of a pain that is caused due to crunching or twisting of any of the body part such as the leg, wrists, arms, fingers, a localized hot bath followed by a cold bath in plain water to which salt has been mixed, onto the affected area will immediately reduce the intensity of the pain.

A home made emollient comprised of turmeric paste and calcium bicarbonate will be extremely helpful in healing that sensitive area when applied in slightly heated form on to the area on a regular basis. In case of swelling around a wound, the area can be compressed with ice pack to heal the swell.

Children often experience ear pain due to excessive cold and cough. This can be treated by applying a hot dry compress under the ear along with giving the child shredded ginger to eat. Ginger has excellent anti-cold attributes.
Chronic joint pain is often a very dominant symptom of rheumatism.

This can make the patient almost immobile with soreness. A sure shot relief for such a pain is a massage of Sesame seed oil and a pinch of camphor on that spot. Coconut oil with a mixture of a few drops of lemon in an equal ratio is also a good remedy. Headaches caused due to cold get instant relief if steaming hot water is inhaled, in which a pinch of turmeric and camphor has been added.


Mild burns are common phenomena among housewives working in the kitchen. A single instance of carelessness and you end up having burns.


In order to prevent the appearance of water-filled boil-like eruptions after burns, immediately apply lavender oil to the spot. It heals the burning sensation of the area as well as reduces the appearance of such eruptions.
Ice compress works best in burns that is the result of oil spills during cooking.

Dental problems

Swelling of gums, cavities in the teeth, formation of plagues are some common dental problems we face in our daily life.  In is often associated with pain. Some of the home remedies for these problems are as follows.


If there is severe dental pain, there is nothing better than a mouth rinse of water in which a handful of guava leaves are boiled. Guava leaves are identified by the herbalists as magical drug for dental problems.In order to get a home remedy for removing the dental plaques, sprinkle powdered alum on to the tooth brush every day and brush with it. Done regularly, you will boast of your sparkling smile.A bleeding gum gets immediate relief with the massage of a mixture of mustard oil and common salt.

Heat rashes and eruptions

Summer is a time that is associated with a host of seasonal diseases along with skin problem. The excessive increase of daytime temperature often leads to the outbreak of rashes during this time, which is much of agony for children as well as adults. Medicinal powders, cosmetic powders, emollients sometime fail to give a remedy.  On the other hand, some very simple natural cures effectively heal these eruptions.


A regular bath of water boiled with a handful of margosa leaves or neem is the best remedy, since neem is considered as the ultimate natural skin medicine.To subside the appearance of rashes immediately body pack of coconut oil and pasted coriander seeds is very effective. This is to be applied before taking a bath and left for sometimes.Dusting sandalwood powder after bath will keep the body cool and prevent appearances of further rashes.

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