Home Remedies that Help to Ward off Gout

Those of you suffering from gout are always searching for methods that can reduce your pain. Well, you have the option of drugs but those work as long as you take them and then too, are not really a good cure.

Some of them reduce inflammation when there’s a gout attack and the others lower the uric acid level after an attack in order to stop recurring gout. These are very costly way ways of keeping gout at bay and also, you can to take the drugs continuously. Also, there are side effects for all of these medicines.

The easier way of battling with gout is trying out home remedies. Like many other diseases and ailments, there are home remedies for gouts too.

The simplest remedy is to drink lots and lots of water everyday. If your body is hydrated, it will not allow the uric acid to crystallize and cause gout. Also, if you drink enough water everyday, your kidney will be safe and the excess uric acid will be flushed away. Thus you should drink plenty of water every day.

There are plenty of herbs that can reduce your pain. There are herbs that have anti- inflammatory properties as well as powers to neutralize the uric acid.

Thus, having those herbs will keep your gout at bay. The herbs that you can have are bilberry, celery seeds and alfalfa. These herbs are supposedly very effective for gout.

If you eat proper fruits everyday, you will not only be healthy but your gout problem will be reduced too as some fruits have anti-inflammatory powers and can reduce uric acid.

Cherries are very good for this purpose. Blueberries, grapes and strawberries are effective too. You should have these fruits everyday in order to cure your gout.

You can also take supplements in order to give yourself relief from pain and inflammation. Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin B complex are some of the supplements that can help your gout problem. However, you should consult a doctor before taking the supplements.

These are some sure-shot remedies that can help you cure your gout.

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