Home Remedy for Puffy Eyes

Puffiness in eyes is caused due to accumulation of fluids around the eyes. There are various common reasons which lead to puffy eyes. It is generally a temporary problem and hence can be cured by simple home remedies.

Tea has a very strong soothing effect on puffed eyes.Both green tea as well as black tea acts very well on puffed eyes. Caffeinated tea constricts blood vessels and reduces the swelling, where as herbal teas  contain anti-irritants and so they soothe redness and inflammation in the eyes.

For this,heat water in a pan and add two tea bags which ever is available at home. Let the bags cool a bit such that they are comfortably warm.Lie down on bed and place one tea bag on each eye and cover them with a soft cloth. However,in case of  summers,keep these cooked tea bags in refrigerator to cool down and then apply them on your eyes.

Cucumbers are very effective for puffy eyes.They are cool and their astringent properties helps to constrict the blood vessels, which in return reduces the swelling. Cut few slices of cucumbers and place one slice each on your eyes and relax for 5-10 mintutes and pat dry.Relpace the cumcumber slices placed on your eyes,if needed.

Potatoes have starch which acts as anti-inflammatory agent.Wash and peel the skin of a potato. Now finely grate the potato and put it in a neat and clean muslin cloth bag. Lie down and put these bags on the puffy eyes for 15 minutes approx and pat dry.It soothes and pampers the puffy eyes.

Beat the egg whites of 1-2 eggs untill they are stiff. Now with the help  of a brush apply them on the puffy area,that is under the eyes.Keep them for few minutes and then wash off with water.

Make a tea of basil leaves , cool it and put them in ice tray.Now dab these ice-cubes on the puffed eyes for few mintutes and pat dry.

Keep few metal tea spoons in the refrigerator to chill.Later,when they are cool,place them on the swollen eyes for sometime till they loose they coolness.

Puffiness in eyes is caused by fluid retention,fatique and vessel constriction.So,if we take the following precautions we can counter those problems and  prevent swollen eyes.

* One should drink atleast 8 glasses of water and reamin hydrated.
* Salt causes bloating and water retention and therefore salt intake should be reduced.
* Having a good sleep.
* Limit alcohol.

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