Homemade Face-Scrubs

It is a well known fact that CTM , or the cleansing-toning-moisturizing regime is the key to a glowing skin. But, scrubbing is also important in order to hold onto that glow. Everyday our skin goes through a lot: make-up, dust and pollution damages the skin now and then.

They form an accumulated layer on top of the skin which doesn’t go even with the use of the best of facial cleansers. Face scrubs are very important in removing this layer from the skin. They help removing the blackheads and whiteheads as well. Scrubs also remove the dead cell strata, unleashing a younger glowing skin from beneath.

Our facial skin is much more delicate compared to the skin of the rest of the body. Hence one needs to be very careful while choosing a scrub for the face. There are a variety of facial scrubs available in the market of which the apricot scrub and the walnut scrub are well known.

But alternatively one can make facial scrubs at home. It’s not only cost-effective, but it’s also much more safer as homemade scrubs won’t have added chemical contents.Here enlisted are a few homemade face scrubs, that are easy to make and the ingredients are easily available at home.

Honey-sugar scrub:
Take a spoon-full of honey and apply it onto your face like a lotion. In a bowl, squeeze out the juice of half a lemon and add to it two table spoon-full of sugar granules.

Mix it a bit, but not much as then the granules might melt. Now take this lemon-sugar mixture and scrub your face. Concentrate on your nose and the chin area, as these are more prone to black heads and white heads. Scrub for five minutes  and wash off.

Rice powder scrub:
Take two tea spoon-full of rice powder. Mix it with milk, so that it forms a thick paste. Apply it on your face and let it remain for five minutes. Now wet your hands and scrub your skin well. Wash your face with some cold water and pat dry with a soft towel.

Oatmeal scrub: Mix two table spoons of oatmeal  and one tea spoon of baking soda with sufficient water to get a sticky mixture. Now rub this on your skin for five minutes. Wash off.

Rose-almond scrub: Take approximately six almonds and ground them finely. Add to this sufficient rose water to make a thick paste. Apply this to your skin and let it stay for five minutes. Wet your hands and rub your skin for another minutes. Wash off.

You can use any of these home made scrubs to get beautiful younger looking skin in minutes. It’s good in removing apparent signs of fatigue from your skin.

Always clean your skin with a good facial cleanser before using the scrub. Then wet a towel in some hot water(not too hot, just good enough to get a warm steam), squeeze the towel well and take the steam by placing the towel on your skin. This makes the scrub much more potent by opening your pores.

For those with oily skin, rub ice cubes post scrubbing, otherwise excess oil secretion will happen from the open pores. Ice helps in closing the pores. For those with normal to dry skin, use a moisturizer after scrubbing. And make sure you scrub with gentle circular movements as the facial skin is very sensitive.

Never use a scrub if you have acne or pimple. Treat them first and then use a scrub.Enjoy glowing skin year after year. Always keep in mind, it’s the basics and not the elaborate spa treatments that help keeping your skin beautiful in the long run.

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