How to Get Long Hair

How to Get Long Hair

If you are planning to grow your hair long then you have to take extra care. The average length of hair that can be grown in a month is about half inch. In order to increase the length of your hair you must have a healthy hair. Here are some tips for having a healthy hair that can grow long.

Tips for Having Long Hair

Cut the Hair

In order to have long hairs cut your hair in every three months. This helps you to avoid the damaged and split ends and gives you healthy and strong hairs. By trimming your hair in every three months you can make the length of all your hairs equal.

Eat Properly

You will have a healthy hair only if you eat a well balanced diet. So include foods that are rich in vitamin A, C, B, E, iron, zinc etc. Vitamin A rich food includes fish, apricots, spinach, dairy products etc. Vitamin B rich foods are fish, meat, green leafy vegetables, bananas etc and vitamin C is rich in melon, citrus, tomatoes, potatoes etc. You will get enough vitamin E from broccoli, nuts, whole grains etc while you get zinc and iron from red meat. Also drink plenty of water to keep your hair hydrated.

Increase the Hair Growth Rate

You can increase the rate of your hair’s growth by exercising yourself. This will make your heart pump more blood and thus increase the blood circulation and enrich the hairs with more proteins. Daily at least once you need to brush your hairs from root to end and while brushing use a natural wide toothed brush to avoid breaking of hairs. Massage your head daily with your finger tips and all these may help you to increase the rate of your hair growth.

Clean your Hair

Clean your hair daily and use shampoo on alternate days to keep away the dirt and oil. This is because oil and dirt may clog the hair follicle and restricts its growth. Also apply conditioners once in a week to keep your hair smooth devoid of tangles. While going out of the house tie a scarf to protect your hair from the intense rays of the sun and knot your hair while traveling instead of leaving it freely. For the proper growth of your hair you need good sleep also.

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