How to Get Rid of Lice

Lice are tiny insects, which are found on the scalp and body. There are three types of lice – head lice, body lice and crab. Head lice are the most common form of lice. Body lice live inside the folds of your skin. Crabs or public lice are found on the skin, body hair and eye lashes.

How to get rid of lice

Unhygienic lifestyle is primarily responsible for getting lice. Lice do not have wings. Therefore, they cannot fly from person to person. Lice spread from body to body or head to head contact. Intimate contact between family members and friends are responsible for spreading lice. Using contaminated items including combs, hairbrushes, towels, pillows, beds, blankets, clothes are responsible for spreading this parasite.

Although, anyone can get lice, children are more often infested by lice. From school going children, lice travel to the heads of their family members. Compared with boys, girls are more vulnerable to lice infestation.

How to remove lice

Presence of lice causes intense itching. The lice eggs or nits, present on the hair shafts, give rise to more parasites. Therefore, complete lice remedy includes removing the adult insect, the baby louse or nymph and the nit.

Lice are stubborn creatures, which are difficult to eliminate. Complete removal of adult lice and their eggs may take several weeks. Certain over the counter medicines are available to kill lice. However, the presence of pesticides, such as permethrin, makes them unsuitable for use for a prolonged period. Instead of these medicines, herbal treatment can be effective and safe for removing lice.

Mix tea tree oil, rosemary oil and lavender oil in equal proportions. Soak cotton in this oil mixture and apply it on your scalp. Leave the oil overnight and wash your hair with a mild shampoo in the morning. Repeat this process everyday for several weeks to eliminate the lice from your head.

Mix olive oil and vinegar in equal proportion and apply it on your scalp. Leave it overnight and then wash your hair with shampoo in the morning. Continue the process for a few days to remove lice.

Dilute vinegar with water and apply it on your scalp every day after washing your head. Vinegar will help to kill the parasites.

Add a teaspoon of camphor in ¼-liter coconut oil. Heat the oil and apply it on your scalp for removing the head lice.

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