How To Look Young


Every woman wants to look young. The billion dollar cosmetics industry takes real advantage of this desire to market its pricey yet ineffective anti-aging products. And although most of them come with lofty promises and expensive price tags, women do buy them.

Look Young

But do they work? Well, let’s face it. Youth and beauty can never be bought in a bottle. How we look and the age reflected by our body is determined by the lifestyle we follow and the food we eat. You may be a woman undergoing aging or one who is yet to set out on the aging process. What matters is that you should have the determination to retain your youth and beauty.

Ways To Look Young

Nothing can ever be gained without hard-work and this holds true here as well. Start by checking what you are putting in your mouth. Is it chips, nuggets and cutlets? Or is it fresh organic fruits and vegetables? If you are currently on the wrong side and are taking in lots of junk and fast food, start by making a correction there. Take small steady steps to implement healthy eating habits. Include lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, salads, juices, low fat dairy, pulses and legumes in your diet. Also, food should be freshly cooked and should never be re-heated.


You need to prop your eating habits with the right kind of exercise. Choose any form of exercise that appeals to you. Just make sure that you are very regular with it. It would help boost metabolism (which begins to diminish with age) and would also stimulate the detoxification. All these would ultimately contribute to making your skin youthful and glowing. What you apply is also definitely very important. You should steam your face once in seven days to keep the pores open. Follow with an ice compress (take some crushed ice and pack in a thick piece of cloth.


Do not keep in any area for more than a few seconds). Also, apply a firming mask every week. For this take an egg white, avocado pulp, a pinch of turmeric and a few drops of wheatgerm essential oil. Apply evenly to your face and neck. Keep the mask till it dries completely. Wash off with lukewarm water and then with ice-cold water.

turmeric mask


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