How to Prevent Split Ends

Your crowning glory is undoubtedly a prominent part of your appearance. Dry and damaged hair is bound to ruin your appearance. Split ends are a common problem that women often experience. This usually ruins the hairstyles of women with long hairs.

Causes of split ends

Split ends are also known as trichoptlosis. This develops when the cuticle covering the hair strand is damaged, exposing two to three strands of the hair fiber. Split ends develop when the hair ends become dry and brittle. In people with long hair, the oil from the scalp might fail to reach the ends of the hairs.

This makes the hair ends dry and brittle, causing split ends. Excess shampooing with shampoos containing harsh chemicals could ruin your hair by developing split ends.

Split ends can develop by exposing your hair to extreme heat. Heat emitted by hair strengtheners and hair dryers tend to increase the risk of split ends.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can also damage your hair. Hair colors containing ammonia could make the hair dry and brittle, causing split ends.

Split ends can even develop from exposure to extreme conditions, wind and cold. You can also damage the ends of your hair by using combs, brushes and scissors of inferior quality. Poor hair care can also cause this condition.

Remedies for split ends

Trimming your hair is perhaps the only effective remedy for split ends. Always use a sharp scissor for trimming your hair. It is advisable to visit a salon to trim your hair.

Split ends prevention

Once you have taken care of your split ends by trimming your hair, you should take precautions to prevent its occurrence in the future. To prevent split ends you should not expose your hair to extreme heat and cold. Avoid excess shampooing. Do not use metal combs for brushing your hair.

If you cannot avoid using a thermal hair styling tool, regular hair care that prevents your hair from becoming dry and brittle is necessary for preventing split ends. Before shampooing, apply almond, olive or coconut oil on your hair. Leave the oil overnight or at least for half an hour before washing your hair.

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