How to Slim Down

Even the most beautiful of faces can lose its charm with the appearance of excess fat. Excess fat not only imbibes an unflattering appearance to one’s body but also ruins one’s health in one and many ways.

Thanks to media, almost every woman in today’s times is concerned about maintaining a good figure.But let us face it, only a few in real have such an enviable body. No need to despair if you are not among the lucky ones.

You too can become slim with a little effort.Exercise is the key to a healthy body and a healthy mind.If you are excessively overweight you should go in for vigorous exercising like power yoga and gym training.

Pick a form of exercise that best suits your individual constitution. You should choose one which captures your interest as this would help you remain motivated. Start with twenty-thirty minutes each day gradually increasing to an hour or hour and a half. This would increase the stamina of your body and your workout would be more effective.

What you eat shows all over your body and face. If you eat junk food with lots of preservatives and artificial colorants, you are bound to have problematic skin and an unflattering figure. Cut down on all junk food. Try to eat fresh and organic.

Stay away from all kinds of ready to eat food stuff. No matter what the packets read, they actually have hardly any nutritional value and eventually do more harm than good. Include plenty of fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables in your diet. Make sure that you are taking enough proteins in the form of pulses, legumes, soya, tofu, etc. in your diet.

Besides, you should understand the importance of portion control. Anything in excess is going to do harm to your body. Eat only in desired quantities and only when you are really hungry. This kind of a diet will not only help you slim down but would also impart overall health and beauty.

You can also take some additional measures to trim down quicker. Right after waking and freshening up, have a glass of warm water to which a juice of half a lime and honey have been added. Moreover, have a glass of hot water after every meal.

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