How To Take Care Of Dry Skin


Dry skin is easily recognizable. It looks flaky and dull and no matter how much of moisturizer cream you rub in, it reverts back to its own flaky self within a few hours. Dry skin is the exact opposite of oily skin. It lacks sebaceous glands and hence the quantity of protective natural skin oils is really low. As a result, the skin cells look dull and they flake easily. However, big problems can be solved using simple solutions and that’s what I am going to talk about today. Follow these easy-to-follow rules and you’ll be able to tackle your dry skin in no time at all!

Take Care Of Dry Skin

Tips to Take Care of Dry Skin

Exfoliate Regularly

Dry skin has no moisture retention ability and tends to flake off easily. They leave a parched look if the skin cells are not removed regularly, giving rise to a completely lifeless look. Moreover accumulation of these dead skin cells can cause itching. It is essential that you remove the dead cells everyday or on alternate days. Use a good branded scrubber preferably the ones that use natural scrubbing agents like almond or avocado. You can prepare and use your own home-made scrubbers for exfoliation. Oats combined with honey or yogurt makes a good scrubber.

Exfoliate Regularly


It is important that you make cleansing a part of your daily skin care routine. Cleansing keep your skin squeaky clean and removes all forms of dust, grime and pollution traces leaving it fresh and beautiful. I suggest you stay away from harsh chemical cleansers because chemicals dry out the skin easily. Go for a natural cleanser or make one with natural ingredients. Never use soaps or detergents to clean your skin.

Cleaning skin

Moisturize the Skin Well

This is the most important step. Your skin is really thirsty and needs more moisture than other skin types. The key is to use a good quality moisturizer like Nivea or Vaseline. After your bath, pat yourself with a towel and while you’re still a bit damp apply moisturizer to the entire body liberally. This helps to lock in the moisture and keeps your skin hydrated. Apply some moisturizer every 4-5 hours, especially on the exposed parts like face, hands and feet. At night, before going off to sleep remove all make-up and clean the face. Apply a night moisturizer. In the winters apply heavy moisturizers as dry skin suffers the most during this season.


Milk Baths

If you have really dry skin you must indulge in a milk bath every week. Pour some milk in your tub and combine with water. Add any essence of your choice and immerse your body in the milk-water for 15 minutes. This hydrates and nourishes your entire body. Use natural body scrubs after this and moisturize as usual.

Milk Bath

Winter Cream Rub

The winters snatch all moisture and leaves dry skin even more drier. Hence, during this season dry skin need to be pampered and protected. Pour some fresh milk cream in a bowl and massage your entire body using the cream. Keep for 15-20 minutes letting your skin absorb the moisture and milky goodness. Do this before bath and then gently scrub away excess cream. There is no need to moisturize after a cream rub. You can use cream twice in a week.

Winter Cream Rub

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Hydrate From Within

Dermatologists say that dry skin need hydration from within too. Drink plenty of water and juices to keep the cells well nourished and watered. Remember, do not consume too much of tea, coffee or alcohol as these eliminate water from the body leaving it dehydrated.

Drink water

Before Going Out

In the summers, you need to use a sunscreen before stepping out else the sun damages dry skin causing wrinkling and burns. In the winters use a heavy moisturizer before going out else your skin will feel chapped and stretched. Wind accelerates removal of moisture from the skin, therefore, if you’re travelling anywhere by car, remember to apply a good moisturizer to lock in the moisture and protect the skin.

applying sunscreen lotion

Avoid Hot Water and Saunas

Hot water baths are good for people who do not have dry skin. Hot water snatches away the little moisture that dry skin has, leaving it dehydrated. So stay away from hot water baths, hot showers or saunas. Instead opt for warm baths using tepid water. Remember to moisturize after the bath.


At the Pool

Pools need to be cleaned and disinfected and that calls for chemicals agents like chlorine. These chemical agents are harsh on all skin types’ especially dry skin. Massage your body with almond, olive or coconut oil before stepping into treated waters. This forms a protective layer between the skin and the water thereby protecting your dry skin from the harsh synthetic chemicals.



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