How To Treat Acne Prone Skin


Acne is a common problem almost found in 90% of teens and around 50% to 70% of adult women. Dead skin cells when combined with the natural oils of the skin settles in the skin’s pores causing acne. It is an ideal place where the bacteria would flourish and result in a number of skin related ailments mainly Acne. The natural body’s immune system prevents these bacteria from creating vital damage to the system, the red and white blood cells combine together to prevent infection, thereby resulting in swelling or inflammation in the form of Acne. It is widely accepted by many that Acne is a common and chronic problem which can be controlled.

Treat Acne Prone Skin

What is the Right Treatment for Acne Prone Skin?

Finding the right treatment for Acne prone skin is a complex process. For that one has to be sure about the condition of the skin whether it is oily, sensitive or dry. Each skin type has to be treated with different kinds of medicines and procedures. If you attempt any kind of treatment without ascertaining the correct type of your skin, then, you can do more damage to your skin rather helping the situation. You can consult a dermatologist who would suggest which course of treatment would suit your skin type and how you can control the occurrence of Acne. You can choose the right type of cleanser or moisturizer especially formulated for your type of Acne and it would help to clear the Acne sores. You can try oil free foundation before you apply makeup.


Exposure to Bacteria

The exposure to bacteria is a constant source of problem for Acne prone skin. You are advised not to touch the Acne directly, as you may accidently transfer the bacteria in the infected area to any other exposed area. You can wash your face gently two to three times a day. More the number of times you wash your face; you are reducing the natural skin oil and thereby making your skin dry.

The pores that contain these natural skin oils get away by constant washing. You can wash your face with your hands and avoid using any scrubbing material as the scrubbing material can rupture the acne sores. Men who are suffering with Acne prone skin can shave by first washing their face with lukewarm water. The lukewarm water helps in softening the hairs. You can choose either electrical or safety razor. You have to be careful while shaving of the fact that you do not cut or damage the Acne portion. It would result in worsening the existing condition.

Do not Touch Acne

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Myth Vs Reality

It is a common myth that tanning is good to control Acne prone skin. As sunlight is one of the major sources of Vitamin D, tanning is not the right solution for Acne prone skin. By taking medication for Acne, your upper layer of the skin becomes thin and sensitive. By tanning, you are exposing your sensitive skin to ultra violet rays there by damaging the other layers of skins too. Tanning should be avoided to prevent further irritation and damage to the infected skin.


The Role of a Balanced diet

Studies have proved that people who intake balanced diet that contains refined grains, processed foods and sugars have little or no chance of getting infected with Acne. The people who have high quantity of refined processed breads, cereals, candy or pastas are more prone to Acne. You can take limited refined or processed food. You can avoid artificial sweeteners, refined vegetable oils and dairy products if you are suffering from Acne.



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