Importance of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one among the vitamins that are essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is an anti oxidant that protects us from many diseases. In order to meet the vitamin C requirement of the body we need to take foods rich in vitamin C as our body can’t produce vitamin C on its own.

Sources of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is commonly seen in fresh fruits and vegetables. Over cooking of vegetables will reduce the amount of available vitamin C in them. Brussels sprouts, green peppers, dark leafy greens, cabbage, cauliflower, potatoes, spinach, red pepper, tomatoes, watercress, watermelon, cantaloupe, broccoli, blueberry, citrus fruits pineapple, mango, Indian gooseberry, kale, raspberries, strawberries etc are good sources of vitamin C.

Benefits of Vitamin C

Iron Absorption

Vitamin C will improve the absorption of non heme iron from the vegetables which are usually less available to the human body. Thus vitamin C helps to avoid anemia. Iron in turn will make the skin healthy and is also essential for the normal functioning of glands and internal organs.

Prevent Common Cold

Vitamin C is a natural and good antihistamine which can control the severity of symptoms of cold. Vitamin C on the other hand will boost the immune system and thus reduce the period of cold. Daily intake of vitamin C in ample amount will prevent the occurrence of common cold. It is also ideal for cleaning the respiratory system and thus prevents bronchitis, asthma etc.

Prevent Cancer

Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant and hence it can protect the cells in our body from getting damaged or mutated. Vitamin C prevent the cancer causing free radicals from getting attached to the cells and thus causing damage to the cells. Vitamin C can fortify the immune system and thus making it capable of fighting the cancer causing elements.

Formation of Collagen

Vitamin C is very essential for making collagen within the body. This collagen will is essential to keep the cells together. Vitamin C convert the pro-collagen in to collagen. Any deficiency in vitamin C may impair this conversion and it leads to muscular pain, aging, colitis, gout, rheumatic fever, inflammation in the blood vessels etc.

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    why give my children vit c everyday. Why folic acid for my 2 year old child and for me as a breating moher of a baby of five months

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