Know About All The Causes Of Stroke

Stroke is a condition related with the brain. It is a dangerous condition that usually leads to paralysis and can even lead to death. There are many causes of stroke. You should know in detail about the causes of stroke. To prevent stroke, preventing some of the causes can help you.

Transient ischaemic attack is a type of stroke in which the person experiences stroke symptoms for less than 24 hours and recovers early from it. The time limit helps to distinguish transient ischaemic attack from stroke. Stroke is a condition in which the brain gets affected either due to lack of blood supply or due to haemorrhage in brain.

Lack of blood supply is termed as ischaemia. Ischaemia can occur due to blockage of an artery of the brain. Thrombosis, atherosclerosis and embolism are important reasons of blockage of the artery.

Thrombosis is a process where a blood clot is formed in a blood vessel and it obstructs the blood flow through the lumen. The part which is supplied by the blocked blood vessel does not receive enough blood supply.

When this happens in the brain, then it leads to stroke. When thrombus formation takes place at some other place and it is dislodged from its place, then such a circulating thrombus is called as embolus. This embolus lodges itself in the arteries of brain and occludes them. Cardiac emboli are the commonest emboli that cause stroke.

Atherosclerosis is process in which cholesterol and triglycerides are deposited in the blood vessels. This deposition leads to formation of plaque in the vessels. This process is usually seen in the blood vessels of the heart. Later this plaque can also become an embolus and get deposited in the arteries of the brain which can give rise to stroke.

Another cause which can cause stroke is haemorrhage. Haemorrhage can occur due to increased intracranial pressure, hypertension and head injury. Any bleeding in the brain and in between the coverings of the brain can give rise to dangerous symptoms.

Paralysis is an important symptom of stroke. The extent of paralysis depends on the extent of brain region that is affected. Now you know how hypertension and increased cholesterol can lead to stroke. So you should live a healthy lifestyle to prevent stroke.

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