Lemongrass And Its Health Benefits

Lemongrass is a tropical grass having the scent of lemon. Lemongrass is otherwise called citronella and is extensively used in aromatherapy and oil treatment. It is also used for flavoring the food.


The steam distillation of dried lemongrass gives lemongrass essential oil. The major constituents present in this essential oil are citronellal, myrcene, geranyl acetate, neral, nerol, citral, geraniol, limonene etc. These constituents impart medicinal properties to lemongrass.

Benefits of Lemongrass


Lemongrass is found to have antimicrobial properties and hence it can be used for preventing the bacterial, fungal and viral infections. It protects the body both externally and internally from microbes. It protects us from microbial infection in stomach, colon, urinary tracts, respiratory tract, wounds and also prevents skin diseases, food poisoning, typhoid, malaria, fever etc. Apart from its anti microbial property lemon-grass also has antipyretic property and that helps to bring down the high fever.



Lemongrass also has the property of detoxifying the body by increasing the quantity and frequency of urination. Thus it helps to clean the kidney, liver, pancreas, digestive tract, bladder etc and removes the unwanted toxic substances through the urine. Removal of uric acid and toxic substances from the body protect us from the pain of arthritis. Frequent urination means removal of excess water along with fats from the body and thus lemongrass helps you to lose weight.



Lemongrass promotes digestion of the food and it gives relief from gastroenteritis. It is also an ideal remedy for those who have flatulence. It allows the muscles in the abdominal region to relax and allows the gas to move down.


Blood Pressure

Being a detoxifier lemongrass removes the excess cholesterol, uric acid, toxins and fats from the body. This stimulates the blood circulation through out the body. Drinking a glass of boiled water mixed with lemongrass will help you to reduce the blood pressure.

blood pressure

Nervous System

Essential oil obtained from lemongrass acts as an ideal tonic for improving the strength and activities of the nervous system. It aids in curing many nervous disorders like shaking limbs, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, nervousness, convulsions, vertigo etc.

nervous system

Pain Killer

Lemongrass oil is an analgesic that reduces the inflammation and the related pain. It protects us from muscle pain, toothache, headache, joint pain etc.

Lemongrass oil