Liver Cysts – Causes And Remedies

Liver cysts are small fluid filled lesions in the liver. It is estimated that nearly five percent of the population have liver cysts. This is largely a harmless condition. Frequently people with liver cysts hardly experience any symptom or discomfort. In a small number of cases, liver cysts cause abdominal pain and discomfort.

Symptoms of liver cysts

Most people with liver cysts have a single cyst in the liver. However, multiple liver cysts can also occur. If the cysts become large, they can cause abdominal discomfort. People with liver cysts might experience abdominal fullness at the upper right part of the abdomen, accompanied by pain. In small number of cases, the cyst present in the liver might bleed. Bleeding might cause a sharp pain. The bleeding usually ceases naturally, and the pain and discomfort associated with it subsides within a few days.

Causes of liver cysts

The exact factors responsible for causing liver cyst are not clear. People with polycystic liver disease, a genetic disorder, have cysts in the liver. Polycystic liver disease is often accompanied by polycystic kidney disease. Parasitic infection, known as echinicoccus infection, can also trigger development of liver cysts. The parasite responsible for this infection is usually found in cattle farms. Poor hygiene is frequently responsible for this parasitic infection. Middle-aged women have a higher risk of developing liver cysts.

This condition is known as cystadenoma. Cystadenoma causes development of cyst in any part of the body, including the liver, kidneys and ovaries. Although, most liver cysts are benign, rarely they may be the early symptoms of malignant tumors. If the occurrence of the cyst in the liver is accompanied by jaundice, nausea, fever, weight loss and severe abdominal pain, it is imperative to check whether the cyst is actually a malignant tumor.

Remedies for liver cyst

A liver cyst that does not cause any discomfort does not require medical interventions. Only the cysts that cause abdominal pain and discomfort need treatment. Since most liver cysts are benign, they do not damage the liver. Laparoscopic surgical procedure is often done to remove the cyst. However, cystic tumors in the liver are removed through open surgical operation.

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