Loss of Taste – Causes and Remedies

Sense of taste is as important as sensory perceptions like seeing or hearing. However, we often tend to ignore symptoms of loss of taste, until it becomes a chronic problem that adversely affects the quality of our life. Loss of taste or taste disorder is one of the leading causes of loss of appetite. A person with taste disorder might repulse eating due to his inability to sense the flavor of the food. Poor appetite causes weight loss and increases the risk of falling ill.

Loss of Taste

Causes of loss of taste

Loss of smell

What one considers as loss of taste might actually develop from loss of smell. Taste and smell are closely associated. As we chew the food, the aroma of the food enters the nostrils, and we could smell the food. Aroma of the food augments its flavor. Hence, what smells good also tastes good. A person suffering from smell disorder could not smell the food. In the absence of smell, the taste of the food diminishes.

Often we experience temporary loss of smell when we have stuffy nose. The clogged nostrils inhibit us from enjoying the flavor of the food. Chronic rhinitis or nasal polyps can also cause smell disorder that consequently impairs sense of taste. If the part of the brain dealing with smell is damaged or if a nerve in the nose is damaged, you might experience smell disorder. Smoking can damage nasal membranes, reducing the sense of smell.


Oral Problems

Oral problems can cause loss of taste. Untreated gum diseases could make you susceptible to taste disorders. Poor saliva secretion or dry mouth causes loss of taste. Loss of taste occurs from oral diseases that cause inflammation in the mouth. Smoking can destroy the taste buds causing loss of smell.

Oral Problems


We are born with around 10,000 taste buds. As we age, we gradually lose the taste buds. After 50, a large number of taste buds might degenerate. Loss of taste might be a natural sign of aging.

Old Age

Loss of taste remedies

Foods rich in vitamin B12 and zinc could reduce the risk of taste disorder. People with partial taste disorder should spice their foods with culinary herbs to enhance the flavor of the food. If clogged nose causes loss of taste, treat your nasal problem.

Culinary herbs

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