Magic Properties of Papaya

Papaya is a fruit rich in Vitamin C but the benefits it provides does not stop to vitamin C only. They go way beyond that. Read further to discover the almost magical and wonder properties papaya possesses:

Antioxidants – Antioxidants fights the cells which are the root cause of cancer. Papaya releases antioxidants in body. Beta-carotene and vitamin C prevents the cancer by acting as antioxidants. Consuming papaya reduces the chances of cancer.

Digestive Enzyme – Papaya contains proteolytic enzymes which are digestive in nature. Papain is one of the proteolytic enzymes present in papaya, required to breakdown the protein present in food. Papaya cures the chronic indigestion and bloating.

Reduces Premature Aging – Papaya helps the body to digest the food completely and releases all the nutrients present in the food. The nutrients are then absorbed by the blood, nourishing the body. The healthy nourishment of the body facilitates the body to fight premature aging.

Cleansing Action – Papaya juice mixed with green bean juice and cucumber juice benefits the colon. This combination acts as a natural cleanser. It also prevents colon cancer by binding the cancer causing toxin with the fibers and washing these toxins out of the body. Colon cancer can be prevented by taking papaya daily.

Avert Heart Strokes – Papaya has antioxidants which stop cholesterol in the body from oxidizing. Oxidized cholesterol forms blood plaques which gets build up and causes heart attack. Fiber present in papaya converts homocysteine into amino acids which are processed by the body. Homocysteine when accumulated, damage blood vessel wall causing heart attack.

Reduces Inflammation – Enzymes present in papaya helps in reducing inflammation and heals from burns at a faster pace. Papain enzyme breaks down the proteins which are inactive and removes them. They expedite the process of healing skin injuries. Chymopapain and papain are the two enzymes which help in reducing inflammation.

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