Make Up Tips For Tanned Skin

Summer has come and that means lots of tan on your skin. When we go out in the scorching heat of the sun, it burns our skin and we get tan. Normal life goes on how much hot the summer is. You have to go to your workplace and get tan; you have to attend also different types of party and other such gatherings. Most of us become horrified when she gets an invitation from her friends to attend party. What she will do with this uneven tanned skin? There is nothing to worry. You will soon get a charming appearance with the help of a right type of makeup. This article will help you to get a picture perfect make up.

Make Up Tips For Tanned Skin

Make Up Tips For Tanned Skin

Prepare Your Tanned Skin For Makeup

Tanned skin is rough and uneven upon which applying makeup smoothly is almost impossible. For this reason you have to prepare the skin before applying makeup. Mix olive oil and cool milk in a bowl. Beat well and apply that on your skin. Leave it for ten minutes. Then take a light steam for just five or six minutes. This method will help to make your tanned skin loose. Then with the help of a soft towel rub gently. It will help to remove the burnt skin and will give you a smooth skin surface. Wash your face with plain water and rub an ice. Ice helps to hold make up for long time. Now your skin is ready to apply makeup smoothly.

Olive Oil and cook milk

Apply Concealer

The first thing that you have to do is to apply a concealer before applying the make up to bring a flawless face. Concealer helps to hide the black spots that appear on skin due to tan.


Apply Foundation

After applying concealer apply foundation on your skin. Yellow shade is perfect for tan skin. Do not go for pink shade, it will make your skin dark and dull. Yellow shade brings a warmth and glow on tan skin. For this reason caramel or honey colored foundation is appropriate for tan skin. Apply foundation on different parts of your face and neck with the help of your fingers and blends it properly. Wipe out the excess foundation with the help of a wet sponge.


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Apply Face Powder And Compact

Apply lose face powder of golden shade on your face and neck with the help of a puff. Now with the help of a clean and round headed brush remove the excess powder from your skin because too much powdery face looks dry. Apply compact of same shade lightly at last.

Apply Face Powder

Apply Blusher

To bring warmth to your face, apply blusher on your face with the help of an angled brush. Terracotta, bronze and tea rose shades of blusher will bring a healthy glow on your face.

Apply Blusher

Draw Eyes

Well defined eyes add many things to your personality. So draw your eyes beautifully with black or dark brown eyeliner. Apply light and shimmery shade eyeshadow on your eye lids to brighten your face. Apply mascara on your eye lashes.


Color Your Lips

Draw your lips with bronze, rose or brownish pink lip liner. Apply lipstick on your beautiful lips. Choose lipstick that is few shades darker than your tan skin. Instead of matte, choose glossy lipstick on your lips. Follow these tips, makeup yourself and soon get a charming look.

Darker Lipstick