Managing Shingles Pain

ways to manage shingles painShingles is an infection caused by the virus that causes chickenpox. The disease, characterized by painful rash, occurs in former chickenpox patients. The chickenpox viruses stay in an inactive state in the nerve tissues in the neighborhood of the brain and spine.For some unknown reason, in some people the varicella-zoster virus might reactivate after several years, leading to shingles.

Shingles pain relief


medication to reduce shingles painAlthough shingles is a harmless viral infection, it causes intense pain. Shingles pain could be reduced by taking antiviral medications within 72 hours after the first blister appears. Pain relief medications are usually prescribed for treating shingles pain. Your physician might prescribe a numbing ointment, gel or spray to reduce the sensation of pain. Severe pain is even treated with anticonvulsant and tricyclic antidepressant medications. Oral antihistamines could reduce the irritation and discomfort. You can even consider taking lysine supplements. Some studies have shown that lysine could halt shingles. Infected blisters could be treated with an antibiotic ointment. Even hydrogen peroxide could be used for healing the infected blisters.

Boost immunity

boost immunity  to reduce shingles painA strong immune system could rapidly heal the painful lesions. You can strengthen your immune system by consuming vitamin C rich fruits and supplements. People with shingles could reduce their pain and discomfort by taking 200 milligrams of a vitamin C tablet five to six times a day. Zinc and vitamin B complex supplements might lower shingles pain by boosting the body’s immune function.

Wet compress

wet compress  to reduce shingles painA cool wet compress could reduce the intense pain. Take a washcloth, dip it in cold water, squeeze it to remove the excess water and apply it to the painful blisters. Shingles patients could take a cool bath to reduce their discomfort. If the pain remains after the blisters have healed, you can apply an ice pack to the painful areas. If painful blisters are present only below your neck, you can add oatmeal or cornstarch to your bath water.

Calamine lotion

calamine lotion  to reduce shingles painCalamine lotion can reduce the discomfort and irritation. You can even use an anti-itching cream.

Reduce stress

exercise  to reduce shingles pain

Stress could worsen your shingles pain. Relaxation techniques, deep breathing exercises and tai chi could reduce stress.

5 ways to managing shngles pain

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