Medicinal Properties of Tamarind

Tamarind is an evergreen tree that has evergreen foliage and a spreading crown. The tree grows up to 30 meter height. It produces yellow colored flowers with red streak and brown colored fruits.

The fruit is a pod having a length about 5 to 10 cm and a diameter of 2 to 3 cm. Fruits consist of brown colored pod that encloses dark brown colored pulp along with black shining seeds. The tamarind pulp has a sour and acidic taste when it is immature and it gets a sweetened taste when matures. This pulp of tamarind is highly nutritious and has numerous health benefits too.

Nutrients in Tamarind

Tamarind pulp is rich in vitamins and minerals. It consist of vitamin A, B, C, riboflavin, niacin, etc and calcium, iron, phosphorous, magnesium, carbohydrates etc.

Benefits of Taking Tamarind


Tamarind is found to be a very good source of antioxidants like vitamin C, flavanoids, carotenes, vitamin B complex etc. These antioxidants play a major role in fighting with the cancer causing agents and will eliminate such toxic substances from our body.


Tamarind is good source of vitamin C. Hence it is a good remedy for scurvy which occurs due to the deficiency of Vitamin C.


Eye drops made from the seeds of tamarind is ideal for treating conjunctivitis. The polysaccharide presents in these seeds help the juice to stick to the eye surface for long time.


Take an ounce of tamarind pulp and to this add one quart boiling water and allow the pulp to steep for an hour. Then sieve the liquid and a little honey. Drink this mixture and the fever gets reduced.

Boil 30 grams pulp with half liter milk, two or three dates, sugar, cloves, cardamom and a very little camphor. This mixture will help us to get rid of the fever.

Boil a much diluted water of tamarind pulp with half teaspoon black pepper powder and some ghee. This mixture will clear our nose, throat and eyes.

Digestive Problems

Tamarind seed’s red colored outer covering is used for treating dysentery and diarrhea. Tamarind pulp can also have the power to induce proper digestion.


The juice extracted from the yellow colored flowers of tamarind if consumed will give us relief from the bleeding piles.