Menstrual Woes

Most women dread getting their period. It makes demands on the body both physically and emotionally. It causes great deal of discomfort and having to go about regular activities becomes more difficult.

Many women face either very scanty, irregular, or heavy bleeding. This can be rather crippling as a period that is not normal can bing with it undue difficulty. An added problem is having to deal with menstrual cramps. Women often pop pain killers in order to go about their routines uninterrupted. The medicines many times have side effects like heavy or scanty bleeding, clotting and prolonged periods. Not to mention adverse effects on other organs like the kidneys and liver in the long run. The best way to deal with menstrual cramps is to resort to simple home remedies.

Hot fomentation is the best way to relieve stomach cramps. Take a hot bottle and nurse the stomach while lying down. Lying on one side is the best position as it gives quicker relief.

Applying castor oil on the navel relaxes muscles and gives more relief from cramps.

Cucumber helps relieve constipation which may also sometimes cause stomach cramps. Make sure you have a higher intake of cucumber during your menstrual period which could help prevent cramping.

Crush drumstick leaves and extract its juice. Have this early in the morning on an empty stomach every day during your period. This will help prevent the occurence of menstrual cramps and ensure you have a more pain free period.

The next time you have your period, remember it is not a time to get ruffled and worry about pains. It is the time to be more prepared and see that you get through it smoothly without any trouble. These simple home remedies should enable you to see that you can deal with period pain effectively.

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