Metabolism Diet

The metabolism rate of your body might be the real culprit responsible for your weight gain. If the metabolism rate of your body is low, your body will burn lesser calories, leading to fat build up and weight gain.

Therefore, to attain the perfect body mass you should design your diet according to the metabolism speed of your body. Metabolic diet is one such diet plan that aims to adjust your dietary habit according to the metabolic rate of the body. Metabolic diet has been popularized by Dr. Scott Rigden.

Reasons for abnormal metabolism
Metabolic disorder might develop from carbohydrate sensitivity, hormonal imbalance, metabolic syndrome, food hypersensitivity or chronic illness. The metabolism diet plan claims to correct the metabolic disorder through dietary changes. By boosting the metabolism, an obese or overweight individual could lose weight. On the other hand, if fast metabolism is making your underweight, metabolism diet could help to increase your body weight by slowing down your metabolic rate.

Metabolism diet plan
If carbohydrate sensitivity is slowing down your metabolic rate, you should switch to a 1400 to 1500 calories low fat Mediterranean diet. The average daily calorie requirement should be met through five to six small meals of which two meals should comprise of only soy protein shake. You should drink at least eight glasses of water daily.

Metabolism is controlled by the thyroid hormones of the body. Any imbalance in these hormones will alter the normal metabolic rate. Mediterranean diet is also recommended for people suffering from thyroid gland disorder. In addition, they should take omega-3 fatty acid or chromium picolinate supplements.

Caveman Diet is most suitable for people suffering from metabolic syndrome. Their daily calorie intake should remain between 1,200 and 1,400 calories. Twice a day they should have soy protein shakes.

Food hypersensitivities or food allergies could change the metabolic rate of your body. Eliminating the allergens from your diet could help to overcome this problem. An elimination diet could help to identify the culprits hiding in your diet.

Importance of exercise
While your dietary habit could restore the normal metabolism of your body, regular exercise such as a 30-minute walk is needed to improve the quality of your health.

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