Miracle Treatments with Turmeric

Turmeric makes an important herbal ingredient in seasoning food. It imparts a distinct colour and fragrance to food. Turmeric is pungent, bitter, hot, astringent and hot. It is an appetiser, carminative, subsides phlegm, removes impurities in the blood, improves the complexion of the skin, and can also be used with effect for urinary disorders. It is useful for eczema, chronic sinusitis, anorexia, cough, anemia, and also feverishness.

Turmeric is used commonly in everyday cooking. It is available fresh and also in powder form. Put some small pieces of fresh turmeric in milk, and add a glassful of water into it, and boil it till it reduces to half the original volume. When this milk is drunk,s it helps cure eosnophilia, and chronic cough and cold. When affected with conjunctivitis, the eyes are washed with turmeric water.

Take some turmeric, dry corriander, sandalwood powder, powder of embelic lyrobalan, all in equal quantities and to this add five parts of green gram. Make a fine powder. Annoint the body with this paste, allow it to remain for some time, and then wash thoroughly with lukewarm water. This makes the best cleanser for the body, and an excellent replacement for soap. The skin becomes smooth, blemish free and keeps the skin feeling fresh for longer.

Turmeric is given to mothers to increse the breast milk. It helps expel impurities from the uterus of a newly delivered lady and strengthens the reproductory organs. It is sometimes customary to give the infant bath with turmeric powder instead of any soap.

The curative powers of tumeric also make it a popular use on the skin to cure pimples and acne. It can help reduce dark spots and pigmentation and also stops the growth of facial hair. Turmeric can be used to good effect to stop infections from setting into wounds, as a natural antiseptic for children, and even to stop bleeding from cuts.

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