10 Natural Cures For Atrial Fibrillation (Afib)


Afib or Atrial fibrillation is the irregular and chaotic heart rhythm in atria. Pulses of the heart become very fast, which effects artery that it cannot effectively press blood to the ventricle. This is a heart problem which leads to an irregular and fast heart beat. The impulse rate in artery increases as compared to normal rate.

atrial fibrillation

In afib condition, the heart shakes despite of beating. It is a dangerous heart condition which may even lead to death. People with high blood pressure, heart valve diseases and coronary artery diseases can experience afib. People who have a heart surgery may become prone to this. Magnesium and potassium deficiency can also cause afib. The patient can follow home remedies and natural way of treatment for afib beside normal cardiac treatments.

Best Natural Way For Treatment Afib


Different parts of Hawthorn are rich in flavonoids and procyanidins which affect on blood circulation and balance metabolism. Hawthorn is a herb found in Asia and Europe. The fruits, flowers and leaves of this herb are generally used by herbalist to treat heart disorders. It manages sodium and potassium, which are the cause of afib.


Olive Leaf

For the natural treatment of afib, olive leaf has a great role. Olive leaves are used for treatment of hypertension and blood circulation. These leaves are full of secoiridoids, triterpenoids, sterols and flavonoids, which are beneficiaries to afib treatment.

olive leaves

Dong Quai

The dong quai, a Chinese medicinal herb or Angelica sinensis is used to reduce blood pressure, and its roots are helpful in blood circulation and smooth heart rhythm.

dong quai

Indian Coleus

A herb called Indian coleus is used to treat heart disease and convulsions. Forskolin of this herb has hypotensive actions, which may help relieve atrial fibrillation.

indian coleus


A tree native to western India named Arjuna is used for heart disease treatment. Arjuna is known as a heart tonic in Ayurvedic medicine. The bark is rich in glycosides, flavonoids, tannins and minerals, and has cardio tonic and antioxidant actions, which help in improving heart conditions.



Garlic regulates blood pressure, and that’s why it is advisable to eat two to three cloves of garlic every day in the early morning.



Papaya in breakfast for a month can help in regulating rhythm in the artery.


Basil leaves

Basil leaves twice daily and onion juice mixed with honey once in a fortnight helps in afib.

holy basil

Heart Healthy Foods

For a steady blood pressure and blood nourishment green vegetables are most important. Heart healthy foods like seafood, eggs, fruits, green vegetables and milk are full of amino acid taurine, which is important for the heart. Fish oil which contains omega-3 fatty acids are also treated healthy for the heart.

green leaf vegetable

Regular Yoga

When we discuss about the natural cure, we cannot forget yoga. Yoga has a direct effect in improving heart condition. Breathing exercise during yoga sessions help in clearing air passages. Yoga reduces anxiety and improves blood circulation. Yoga combined with afib treatment gives you the better results in curing afib. All these treatments are easy and safe without any side-effects.