5 Cures For H. Pylori Bacteria


Cures For H. Pylori Bacteria

Helicobacter Pylori is commonly known as H. pylori bacteria, a damage of bacteria that lots of people around the globe are infected with; however, only 2 out of 10 of those infected people have any negative symptoms. People infected with H. pylori bacteria have symptoms like stomach problems, ulcers, etc.

From some theories, it is believed that the bacteria have a useful effect on human body, but the common consensus is that it must be eliminated from the body upon analysis. The problems related to H. pylori bacteria can be easily solved by the natural cure. Below are some of the best natural cures for H. pylori bacteria.

Best Natural Cures For H. Pylori Bacteria

Consume Raspberries


Raspberry is known as one of the best natural cures for H. pylori bacteria as it contains higher concentrations of Ellagic acid, a great disease-fighting substance. You can also find this phytochemical in strawberries, blueberries, and certain nuts. This phytochemical includes the properties of antiviral, anticarcinogenic, antibacterial, and antimutagen. Ellagic acid helps in destroying the stomach bacteria, causing problems in the stomach. Raspberries are hence known to be an effective natural fighter for H. pylori bacteria.

Consume Broccoli


Sulforphane in broccoli buds helps in reducing the problems related with H. pylori bacteria due to its antimicrobial, antidiabetic, and anticancer properties. If you want to eliminate the problems related with H. pylori bacteria, then it is suggested to consume broccoli in a regular basis.

Consume Bromelain


Bromelain is known as a sulfur-containing enzyme, commonly found in bromeliad plants such as the pineapple. Consuming pineapple juice on a regular basis can give you an effective cure against H. pylori disorder, particularly for persons who cannot endure medical treatments that raise the acidity level of the stomach to restrain the bacteria.

Consume Turmeric


To remove H. pylori bacteria you must take herbal supplements, which contain turmeric, cumin, and licorice. There are many herbal remedies, which can be consumed for reducing, preventing, and killing H. pylori bacteria completely. Traditional antibiotic medications such as turmeric, cumin, ginger, borage, oregano, and licorice are proven to be the best natural cure for H. pylori bacteria.Among others, the use of turmeric is seen to be more as it contains powerful anti-oxidants and help in killing bacterial infections. Turmeric is believed to be the best natural cure for H. pylori bacteria in both traditional folk medicine and Ayurvedic practices. Turmeric is known to give protection for internal organs like the stomach and intestines, blood vessels and liver. A daily consumption of turmeric powder with a cup or glass of water can help in eliminating the problems related to H. pylori bacteria.

Consume Licorice


You can easily treat symptoms of H. pylori bacteria, such as ulcers, with the help of licorice, which may even provide some advantages in killing the H. pylori bacteria. Due to the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial nature of licorice, it can be used for the cure of ulcers and gastritis. For a better result, it is recommended to consume licorice on a regular basis.

Natural Cures For H. Pylori Bacteria