7 Natural Cures For Herniated Disk


Herniated disk is a spine-related disorder that affects the young and middle-aged individuals. It is a common pain in neck, lower back, arms, and legs. The pain that originates due to herniated disk can gradually spread into one or more limbs.

Herniated Disk

It not only affects the central nervous system, but also affects the peripheral nervous system. Pain, tingling, numbness, and decreased range of motion are the common symptoms of herniated disc.

Best Natural Cure For Herniated Disc

White Willow

The bark of the white willow tree has same physiological function as that of aspirin. White willow has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anti-stringent nature and hence can be used in eliminating the acute back pain and reduces the inflammation associated with disc problems.

White Willon

Another beneficial product for herniated disc is salicin. It should not be taken without the consultation of a qualified doctor. The herniated disc patient should use 60 to 240 mg of willow bark in powder form every day.


Aspirin is extracted from the wild herbal product named as colchicines.


This comes from the dried corns and seeds that are present in the center of the autumn crocus flower. By crushing it a pale-colored powder is extracted, which contains anti-inflammatory properties, and hence can be used for curing herniated disc. It is used as an alternative to aspirin. This is a safer alternative to analgesics and sometime help in eliminating stomach pain completely.

Cayenne Pepper

Another useful natural product for curing herniated disc is the cayenne pepper.

Cayenne Pepper

This should be rubbed on the affected areas to ease pain. Cayenne pepper tea is available at the market in the form of cream and can be consumed three times in a day to reduce pain.

Change Dietary Habits

One should be very cautious regarding the diet plan.

Dietary Habit

Changing dietary habits will help to strengthen the supportive tissue of the back and help in preventing the future damage to the disc.

Use More Turmeric

Turmeric should be used in a greater quantity, around 400 to 600 milligrams to increase circulation.

Turmeric Powder

This circulation eases the lower-back pain and eliminates the problems related to herniated disc. Turmeric powder can also be used in making tea to treat stomach ailments, prevent aches, and pains related to herniated disc.

Exercise Regularly

The herniated disc is the most lethal disease ever been experienced by the human being. So a regular exercise, a strict diet, and some typical home remedies are the key answers for preventing and compressing the herniated disk problems. Along with the other natural cures, there are some exercises that help in getting relief from herniated disk.

Strectching Exercise

This exercise can be performed from home without any hesitations. Side stitching decomposes the spinal pressure and relieves the pain of the bulging disc. Another exercise is to raise the arms and reach to the sides, stretching to the whole side. This should be repeated 10 to 20 times in a day.

Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies for herniated disc usually targets the pain, and inflammation relates to the musculoskeletal injury.

California Poppy

Certain herbs, which include analgesic or pain relieving nature, are beneficial for this disease. Herbs like black Cohosh, Meadowsweet, burdock, Feverfew, turmeric, California poppy, and butterbur can be used for the natural treatment of herniated disc due to their anti inflammatory nature.