Natural Cures For Colds and Related Ailments

Curing health ailments naturally can be trying when you have trouble getting your illness under control. Some ailments that can occur repeatedly are difficult to cure using medication. Since they are known to occur more often, taking prolonge or frequent medication can prove to have many unwanted side effects. We are also a little sceptical about trying natural remedies, as the tendency to have faith in cures is lost.

Natural cures are effective since they provide the goodness of all foods, and also have the potency of sunlight, and nature infused into them.

Cures for colds, coughs and related ailments are very effective when cured naturally. Here are some foods that can help control congestions and colds easily.

For those suffering from bronchial troubles, drink the juice of orange mixed in warm water. This is especially useful for those who suffer acute attacks. All fruits can be consumed beneficially.

The juice of apples, pears, grape, grapefruit, orange, pineapple, peaches and melons are great cures for a cold.

Coughs can be cures using fruits or their juices. Other effective foods are carrots and spinach. Ginger juice had with a little honey and warm water is very good in curing coughs easily.

If you are suffering from a sore throat, try having more celery, prunes, blackberries, and lemons. Raisins, had either plain or as juice can also serve as useful remedies.

Try having one teaspoon of honey with about two drops of honey added to it. Suck on the same occasionally and you will find that you will be relieved instantly.

While suffering from any of the above troubles, the only fruits that should be avoided completely are bananas and jackfruit. These have a tendency to aggravate and cause the formation of more phlegm in the body.

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