7 Natural Cures For Cysts

Cysts are irregular, cyclic structures, which contain liquids, semi-solids, and gases. They differ in size and are visible at any place within your body. Even though certain cysts are visible and clear to naked eyes, cysts affecting internal organs just like the liver and kidneys can be identified through imaging checks.


Remedy for cysts depends on their origin, size, and also locations within your body, and might require surgical treatment or drainage in serious situations. However, you may cure many kinds of cysts with natural treatments to encourage natural drainage, decrease inflammation, and relieve from pain. Since cysts may infuriate your skin by getting swollen, there is some natural home treatment you may use to relieve the irritation.

Best Natural Cures For Cysts

Apple Cider Vinegar

Using apple cider vinegar may help in balancing the levels of pH in your skin layer.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Try using it to your cysts during night time for a few days. It will not just reduce the healing time, but also help to remove the cysts completely and avoid its further arise.

Apply Lukewarm Washcloth

Soak a smooth washcloth in Luke warm water, wring away excess water and apply it at the place of irritation.

Luke warm Water

You can use this procedure as many times as you want. The warming effect from the lukewarm washcloth should temporarily relieve the pain due to the cysts.

Sandalwood Paste And Rose Water

Make a mixture of sandalwood paste with rose water and then apply this paste to the infected site and let the paste dry completely.

Sandalwood Paste

As per Ayurveda, this healing process is a traditional Hindu holistic method, which is widely used for acne irritation; however, the mixture has also been recommended to relieve cysts inflammation.

Turmeric Powder And Mint Juice

Make a cream of turmeric powder with mint juice.

Turmeric Powder

Use this cream to the site infected with cysts and let the cream dry completely and then rinse with fresh tap water. This process will surely give a calming effect to your skin.

Potato Slices

Take some potato slice and place it on the cysts during the night.

Potato Slices

This may normally help to reduce the cysts and may also avoid cysts form the further growth. Use this method on a regular basis to get best results.

Milk And Tea Bag

Milk includes the properties that really help in removing the infection related to cysts.

Milk And Tea Bag

Take a tea bag and place it in a cup of milk, and now keep the tea bag in the milk cup for around 5 minutes. Place this milk soaked tea bag to the infected site during the night time. A regular application of this process can help in reducing your cysts.

Use Fish Oil

Some physicians believe that cysts might be caused by insufficient of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Fish Oil