Natural Remedies For Jaundice

Jaundice is the result of an infection in liver which impairs the normal functioning of the liver. The most commonly seen jaundice is caused by the hepatitis A virus.

Due to this infection a bile content called bilirubin in the blood increases and the skin, eye white, mucous membrane etc turns to yellow. This is a contagious disease and it spreads through food and water.


The common symptoms of jaundice includes fever, joint pain, general weakness, yellowish discoloration of urine, yellowish conjunctiva of eyes, nausea, severe constipation, loss of appetite head each etc.

Home Remedies for jaundice

1. Juice taken from fresh radish leaves will help to relive jaundice. This will help to improve your appetite and also to evacuate your bowels properly. Thus it improves your health and helps you to get rid of the disease in 10 days.

2. Mix a quarter teaspoon of turmeric powder in hot water and drink this at least three times a day.

3. You can take a glass of tomato juice mixed with a pinch of pepper and salt early in the morning. This will help in preventing the disease..

4. Lemon juice can protect your damaged liver cells. Similarly barley water is also found to be effective against jaundice.

5. Papaya leaves are also good in the treatment of jaundice. Make a paste with fresh papaya leaves and mix half teaspoon of papaya leaf paste with one teaspoon of honey and consume this daily.

6. Take 8 kernels of almond, five small cardamoms and two dried dates and soak them in a glass of pure water for over night. On the next day morning remove the seeds of dates and outer coating of almond and grind the mixture in a fine paste with fifty grams each of sugar and butter. Consume this paste in one day and this will help to relieve jaundice.

7. Take the juice of pigeon pea leaves and take 60 ml of this juice daily.

8. You can also use dried snake gourd leaves and boil 15 grams of leafs in 250 ml water and consume this daily. Boil coriander seeds in half liter water. Allow the water to evaporate to reduce the content to one third of the initial quantity. Now mix the leaf infusion and seed decoction thoroughly and take at least 60 ml of this daily.

Jaundice patients should be paid proper attention along with easily digestible diet. Complete rest and intake of more fresh juice are found to be ideal for this disease.