Natural way to prevent breast cancer

Health is Wealth .This saying proves the importance of health. Good health and good nutrition go hand in hand. By providing balanced nutrition to our body, we are able to keep ourselves free from many diseases. But today due to busy schedules and hectic life, sometimes nutrition is ignored giving rise to health problems. Breast cancer is one of them. There and old saying “prevention is better than cure.” So, by adding some natural ingredients in our daily diet and by bringing certain lifestyle changes in our life, we can prevent deadly disease like breast cancer.

Women generally tend to ignore their personal health while taking care of the entire family.Hence,the most essential step to prevent breast cancer is to follow a very healthy life style and healthy diet which has the properties to reduce the chances of breasts cancer.

High fiber foods  like whole grains,fruits,vegetables which are rich in carotenoid, flavonoid and cruciferous phytonutrients helps to decrease the level of estrogen (cancer causing element )present in the blood and thus the risk of breast cancer.

Soybeans and tofu have been shown to reduce the risk of breast cancer. However,refined soy products such as soy milk and soy oils should be avoided.

Daily intake of garlic, onions and leeks prevent cancer. They help to  neutralize cancer-causing free radicals and hence are considered to be excellent source of food to prevent breast cancer.

Vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, turnips,  kale, and cauliflower are said to have cancer fighting nutrients and hence should be included in diet preferably either steamed or can be eaten raw to retain their essential nutrients. Mushrooms activate immune system .

Women should take out time at least 35-45 minutes from their busy schedules and exercise daily. They need to be physically active.Especially obese women need to work out reduce their weight and maintain healthy weight.Its generally seen , overweight women have greater chances of having breast cancer.

Quit smoking and drinking alcohol.Both contributes towards increasing the chances of breast cancer.Prefer drinking green tea,it reduces the chances of breast cancer.

Include maximum nutrient supplements of vitamins and proteins in your diet vitamins A,D,E,omega 3 fish oil etc which helps in reducing the chances of breast cancer.

Should reduce the intake of oil in diet.Mono saturated oil like olive oil should be used for cooking purposes rather than trans fat.Fat rich diet should be avoided.

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