Natural Ways to Cure Jaundice

Jaundice is the most common liver disorder, occurring especially during the summers.  When the level of bile pigments, especially bilirubin increases in the blood, it causes a yellow discolouration of the skin. This is known as Jaundice.


The symptoms of Jaundice are extreme weakness, loss of appetite and nausea, headache, fever and yellow colouration of the skin, eyes and tongue and urine. The patient may also suffer from a dull pain in the liver area.


An obstruction in the bile ducts causes the bile pigments to be released in the intestine. This is the most common cause of jaundice. Other reasons are haemolytic anemia and other diseases affecting the liver like typhoid, malaria, yellow fever etc.


There are several home remedies to cure jaundice. Apart from following these remedies, one must also take a proper diet. Since jaundice causes loss of appetite, one must take lots of fruits like cucumber, water-melon and pomegranate to add fluid to the body and flush out the poisonous toxins.

Bitter Luffa

Obtain the juice of bitter luffa by pounding and squeezing it through a cloth. Take this juice in your palm and draw it up through the nostrils. This will result in plentiful outflow of yellow coloured fluid from the nose. Once adequate amount of this toxin is released, you will feel relieved. However, this is a very strong medicine and can cause fever, giddiness and migraine.

Radish Leaves

Radish leaves helps to cure jaundice in 8-10 days. Ground a lot of radish leaves and squeeze it through a cloth to collect adequate amount of juice. This juice is to be consumed orally by the patient. On an average an adult may consume 1/2 litre of the juice per day. This increases appetite and cures the problem in almost a week.


Take one glass of tomato juice daily for fifteen days to increase appetite and also to flush the excessive pile pigments from the blood. This is an effective method to control bile but it takes almost 20 days to cure jaundice. Tomato juice is best consumed after jaundice is cured to control further excessive bile production or during the first symptoms of jaundice to check it at the first stage.

Other good home remedies of jaundice are lemon juice in warm water with a pinch of salt and pepper, sugarcane juice with lemon, and pigeon pea leaves juice.  These in themselves do not cure jaundice totally but help recover damaged liver cells and control excessive production and release of bile production.

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