Neem – The Bitter Way to a Better Life

Neem or margosa is not a new plant to any of us. We are all familiar with its uses, in some form or the other. The rich use neem in the form of tablets, beauty products and cosmetic, the poor simply use a neem twig to brush their teeth or some neem leaves in a bath to act as disinfectant. Some fry neem leaves and eat it as a side dish along with rice or chapatti.

No matter in whatever forms it is consumed; neem always retains its goodness and manages to give us a healthy, germ free day. No part of neem is useless, be it the bark or the twigs, the leaves or the fruit; all have their own function to serve. No doubt it is said that anything from neem has to be good.

Uses of neem

Neem has several uses. It is used to cure skin ailments, chronic diseases, periodontal diseases, blood disorders, digestive disorders, nervous disorders and many more.

Skin ailments

Neem has strong anti-bacterial properties and helps in killing bacteria that causes acne and pimples. This helps in reducing acne and pimple from the skin. It also has anti-fungal properties and help cure itching and irritation. Neem oil is used in the treatment of eczema. Dry skin, dandruff, warts, skin ulcers and wrinkles are some common problems that often worry people. These can be cured easily by using neem soap or anything that contains extracts of neem. A bath in warm water, with a few neem leaves in it, help cure itching and allergies. Neem extracts, used in face packs, helps give a glow to the skin, along with reducing blemishes and dark spots.

Chronic diseases

Neem helps cure several chronic diseases like arthritis, diabetes, rheumatism and even cancer. Diabetes is a disease of excessive sweetness in the body. Neem controls that excessive sweetness with its bitter taste. It consistently reduces the insulin requirement if the body and checks diabetes. Neem bark and leaves are very effective in reducing the arthritic pain and inflammation. Rheumatism can also be cured by neem because of its anti-inflammatory quality. Neem bark, seed and leaves, which contain limonoids, are successful in curing cancer including lymphocytic cancer. Neem extracts, when injected in a tumour, works miracles to reduce its size.

Periodontal problems

People all over Asia use neem twig to brush their teeth. This is so because of the anti-bacterial properties of neem that helps to kill germs and bacteria inside the mouth. Not only this, it also helps cure toothache and mouth ulcers. Neem is also a good cure for gingivitis.

Apart from the above mentioned uses, neem also helps in improving the immunity system of the body and increases resistance power against germs. It helps in the treatment of peptic disorders, gastritis hangover, stress and even kidney disorder. Now, with so much goodness, one can certainly forget the bitter taste of neem and try taking one dose of it to ensure a germ-free, healthy life.

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