Nutrition And Health Benefits Of Gooseberry

Gooseberry is a deciduous tree of medium size. Gooseberry is abundant in vitamin C and it contains almost 20 times more vitamin C than that in oranges.

It can tolerate a wide range of temperature ranging from 45 degree C to freezing temperatures. Hence it can be grown in variable climatic conditions and also in soils. The most stunning character of gooseberry is that the vitamin C content in gooseberry won’t diminish on cooking.

Gooseberry fruit in its fresh condition consists of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, vitamins and 80 percent water. The vitamins in gooseberry include vitamin C and vitamin B complex.  The mineral contents include phosphorus, calcium, iron, carotene etc. Gooseberry is found to be a strong rejuvenative.

Benefits of Gooseberry

Anti Aging

Gooseberry being rich in vitamin C will help you to fight with the free radicals. These free radicals will attach to the cells and cause damage to the cells and thus causing degeneration and aging. Gooseberry will help you to ward off the free radicals from your body and thus keeps you young.

Eye Care

Gooseberry and gooseberry juice are excellent for improving the eye sight. It is helpful in correcting the cataract and shortsightedness. Gooseberry will also help you to reduce the tension in intra ocular region.

Control Diabetes

Gooseberry is found to be ideal for diabetic patients as they will stimulate the body to produce natural insulin. Gooseberry will also increase the count of red blood cells and also plays an important role in regulating the blood sugar level.

Control Hair Loss

Eating gooseberry daily is a very good remedy for controlling hair loss. Otherwise you can massage a paste made out of 6 gooseberries boiled in one cup of milk. Apply the paste on the scalp and leave it for 20 minutes. It will improve the hair growth by strengthening the hair roots.

Heart Disease

Vitamin C present in gooseberry will help you to dilate the blood vessels and there by ease the blood flow. It will also strengthen heart muscles and makes the heart to pump blood flawlessly.

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